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Etrigan VS Sersi

-Composite(Post-Crisis and onward) feats for Etrigan.

-Win by any means.

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Etrigan most likely.

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Gone Gone The son of man Rise the Demon Etrigan

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Pretty sure this is a mismatch.

Sersi with all feats is way above PC Etrigan. She has very little difficulty transmuting living matter. She has done it dozens of times. She turned the hulk into stone once, etc.

She could quite easily turn Etrigan into Iron.

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Sersi, unless Etrigan has feats resisting telepaths.

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Going with Sersi

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Could make a case for either.

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Etrigan as Sersi's general performance isn't that impressive, plus her durability is not good enough to take his hits continuously.

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Does Sersi's transmutation work on magical beings?