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Escanor vs golden sperm

Start 30 meters away in a indestructible dome so no bfr

Golden Sperm only gets 1 life.

Round 1: escador with rhitta vs GS, its 10:00am throughout the fight

Round 2: escador ( at high noon ) vs GS

Round 3: Same as round 2 but GS gets gums and homeless empower, escador gets Diane and king

Both are IC

no prep

Who wins?

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Sperm doesn't have any energy durability feats to suggest he won't get oneshotted by Cruel Sun. But Escanor is more likely to opt for Rhitta at the beginning of a fight, and using it here will give him nothing more than the headache that comes with drawn out battles.

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How is Golden Sperm hurting Escanor exactly?

GS isn't tanking multiple cruel suns.

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@geeman2: but he still far faster than escanor and he can kill him with he stronger Attack

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Escanor stomps

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GS dies.

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