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Location: Metropolis.

Both are in character.

No prep.

Winner via Death.

Who wins here?

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The Krypton Man trounced her. I expect similar.

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If we're to go by Action Comics #651, the Eradicator definitely has some defenses for illusion casting, and psionic assaults, so if we were to go on that showing alone, it might be a bad idea for Maxima to try that type of assault again.

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This seems like such an awesome fight.....I can't tell who'd win...

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Yea this is a really good fight, I'm going with maxima, eradicator seems to get jobbed more

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The Eradicator should win... Maxima could probably give him a decent fight for a while though.

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Eradicator has every advantage over Maxima except maybe speed. Her telepathy powers are her best bets.

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Superman under the Eradicator's influence waltzed through her telepathy and slapped her unconscious.

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Eradicator takes this, Maxima's telepathy is not going work on him.