Eneru vs VL ichigo and Ulquiorra

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R1: Eneru vs VL ichigo

R2: Eneru vs ulquiorra

R3: Eneru vs both

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Uhm.... And how will they damage his electric body?

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This is an unending battle with no winner. Ulq and Ichigo can't really damage Enel, but enel won't land a single attack on ichigo or ulq.

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Eneru can win all rounds

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Enel, obvuosly

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enel low diffs

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If people are just going to keep being ignorant about Bleach characters soul manipulation I’m just going to start using the Soul Crush GG argument.

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Oh look, OP made the thread with a winner in mind. Not that Enel can win this honestly.

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What stops Ulquiorra from doing what Yammi did and suck out Enel's soul.

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its not fair if we take away soul crush and keep on logia.

if any of the bleach characters can damage enel they win easy.

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Gonzui gg