Endgame Scarlet Witch vs Fox Apocalypse

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Poll: Endgame Scarlet Witch vs Fox Apocalypse (44 votes)

Wanda crushes him 25%
Still Apoc, he stomps her silly from inside-out 73%
Stalemate 2%

Battle takes place in Avengers Facility, 30 ft apart

No prep or knowledge

Wanda is so pissed off

Apoc is in-character

Win by any means except BFR

She starts with TK just like when she tried to crush Thanos

But she can go inside Apoc's mind with her TP anytime

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#1 Posted by Oraculi (7318 posts) - - Show Bio

Apoc stomps her, better feats, more skilled and more experienced.

Only thing Witch has over him is being better looking.


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#2 Posted by TonyMartial (10320 posts) - - Show Bio

Bruv I LOVE your profile pic.

But apocalypse wins cuz of much better versatility.

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#3 Posted by EmmaFrostXmen (4310 posts) - - Show Bio

Wanda if she starts the fight by trying to crush him, if not Apocalypse

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Wanda's crushing potential isn't even remotely close to the power that Apocalypse demonstrated. The argument works against Wanda of starting the fight by Crushing him. Apocalypse can start the fight by removing her head with his sand matter conversion.

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Apoc curbstomps.

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She gets turned to sand

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apoc solos the entire MCU avengers endgame team .
unless wanda or cap marvel could lower his defensive shields and allow thor to throw SB to his head ...
that is unlikely since it took the phoenix force to penetrate his defences .

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Apoc’s shields and healing make it really difficult to hurt him. Meanwhile he can have the ground swallow up Wanda like he did to Erik’s co-workers at the factory.

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#9 Posted by Blueshoecant (1761 posts) - - Show Bio

He doesnt have the shield at the beginning

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Waiting when Soratoumiga will say Wanda because of Thanos "ripping apart" feat.

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#11 Posted by eri123 (7426 posts) - - Show Bio

Scarlet Witch

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#12 Posted by Soratoumiga (5560 posts) - - Show Bio

Wanda because of Thanos "ripping apart" feat.

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#13 Posted by Rijehu (2150 posts) - - Show Bio

I love SW...but how does she do this?

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#14 Posted by Aka_aka_aka_ak (3411 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh come on. This is a mismatch. At best Wanda does what she did to Thanos, but instead of raining fire, Apocalypse just atomises Wanda with a thought.

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I reckon we won’t see her come to even remotely the same ballpark except in her dual role with Strange in 2021. She’s clearly powerful (lifting those massive tanks, disintegrating Ultron bots, restricting Thanos). But she’s nowhere on En Sabahs level. He snaps her neck

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@blueshoecant: lock this nosense mismatch

Apocalypse blinks the entire mcu and fodderizza the entire endgame army

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#19 Posted by DetectiveSomerset__ (1753 posts) - - Show Bio

@eri123: you really said witch beats apocalypse and DCEU Superman? Nice bait

Witch gets fodderizzed by each

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I just can't do this anymore lol. Y'all are really about to turn me into Dr. Psycho with all of this insanity. What has she done to even allow her to be in his presence? I'll wait for an answer.

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#21 Posted by DetectiveSomerset__ (1753 posts) - - Show Bio

@siremystking52: zod and doomsday never hit anyone”

“Thanos catches spider man and captain America”

“Vision phases doomsday and zod”

“Thanos shield would kill apoc and his shields”

“Thanos is stronger than Hela h2h”

“Thanos durability is stronger cause Superman was hit by kryptonite , which thanos doesn’t Have , imaginary anti-Feat”

I have lot of screens and other bs I have ever seen by those guys. Just ignore him and the guys who argues on thanos soloing the kryptonians or asgardians (kurse Hela and Thor) all at once.

So they argue on witch beating thanos that’s their only feat , and try to debunk Apocalypse speed and QuickSilver scene lmao

I have seen dozens , Apocalypse is very underrated , people claiming he can get stomped by thor or vision

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ends in sex

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Apocalypse curbs hard

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Wanda was bloodlusted but couldn't finish off Thanos. Apoc would've ripped Thanos apart had they been in the same situation.

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#27 Posted by Cruelrain (390 posts) - - Show Bio

Wanda easily

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@detectivesomerset__: Dude, why do you tell me to lock my own thread? I'm not even a Mod and No, Apoc is good in offense but his durability? His throat got sliced by Mystique

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@blueshoecant: cause this thread is a mismatch for apocalypse.

That was PIS. Apocalypse could win trust me

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#31 Posted by AngelJax (12014 posts) - - Show Bio

The Scarlet Witch

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Apoc. He’s everything SW is with greater durability and more tricks.