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This is Emperor Arcann as of the final chapter of Knights of the Fallen Empire

Warmup: Darth Ravage

Round 1: Darth Acharon

Round 2: Darth Hadra

Round 3: Darth Decimus

Round 4: Darth Acina

Round 5: Darth Arho

Round 6: Darth Nyriss

Round 7: Darth Arkous

Round 8: Darth Mekhis

Round 9: Darth Nox (Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter I) and Xalek (Before KOTFE events)

Round 10: Darth Marr (Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter I) and Darth Lachris

Round 11: Lord Scourge and the First Son

BOSS: Emperor Vitiate (Revan novel)

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He is not beating Nox, that should be higher.

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Stop at the boss...