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Fight takes place on a Dark Side Nexus.

Dark Council Members: Darth Marr, Darth Malgus (He was briefly on it according to codex), Darth Nox (Assuming Nox kept the ghosts), Darth Jadus, Darth Baras, Darth Mortis, Darth Karrid

Dread Masters: All 6 (Raptus, Tyrans, Bestia, Brontes, Calyphayus, Styrak)

Darth Bane has obelisk armor.

Darth Zannah has Dark side tendrils.

Round 1: Lightsabers

Round 2: Force

Round 3: All-Out

If team Dark Council and Dread Masters lost chuck in Valkorion in the Noxlander's body.

If the other team lost chuck in Darth Caedus

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In lightsabers only, Sidious' team takes it. The outcome of the other two rounds probably depends on which version of Sidious we're using.

With Valkorion aiding the Old Republic team, they'd win (unless perhaps this is DE Sidious). With Caedus' help, Sidious' team would annihilate.

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Why do people keep making threads including characters we've never seen fight?

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@mad-dog: Malgus was a member of the Dark Council? Could you provide a quote or something?

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Sidious solos.

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Sidious eviscerares them with a single Force attack.

Valkorion in the TOR team does require Bane and Zannah's contribution, but Team Banite can still pull through.

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Sidious wins round 1. Loses round 2. Wins round 3.