Dragon Slayers vs Magic Knight Captains

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Gueldre, Dorothy, Jack, Charlotte, Yami, Nozel, Mereloena, Kaizer, Rill, William

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  • Random Encounter
  • Standard gear
  • No knowledge
  • In-character
  • Starting Distance Is 18 metres
  • EOS/current versions
  • Win death or KO

Round 2: Pre-Ravines Acno and Julius joins their respective teams

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Team 1 wins round 2 because of Julius. Round 1 is a toss up speed vs power.

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Dorothy could technically solo with her dream magic

Slayers possess far greater DC of the two teams and have an overwhelming advantage in physicals but the captains are faster and have more hax. Jack, Yami and Leona I'd say are the only ones with the physicals capable of competing with in CQC. The others are mid-long range. Gueldre permeation magic is also going to be huge problem for the Slayers

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Dorothy traps them in the Dream World, then William encases them in the World Tree.

Or, Julius can just freeze them in Chrono Stasis and the rest then speed blitz.