Dr Strange (MCU) vs Phoenix and Professor X (Fox)

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mindset: morals off

in a city, 200m apart

standard gear

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I wouldn't be surprised if Strange had resistance to telepathy given his third eye having being opened.

By feats though, Charles makes him think he's a six year old orangutan.

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Spite thread

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Spite. Strange has no TP resistance. Charles puts him to sleep.

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Phoenix solowrecks.

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Phoenix solos them both

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Did Professor X get any feats in Dark Phoenix?

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@alphaq said:

Did Professor X get any feats in Dark Phoenix?

Nope, he didn't improve any further and neither did Mags, but Grey well she's top 5 strongest live action movie comic book characters ever now

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Both of Team 2 solo stomp Strange

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Strange has no chance here between telepathy and top tier telekinesis