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Marvel vs. DC. Two doctors, that eventually became out as two of the most powerful beings, after surviving a near-fatal accident, are about to clash in a fight to the death.

Location: New York City.

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Manhattan blinks

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Manhattan kills him like he killed Rorschach.

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Dr.Manhattan stomps

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Manhattan is more hax than doctor

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Manhattan stomps pretty effortlessly.

Strange cannot hurt him.

BFR is useless.

And Manhattan doesn't even have to try and he can kill Strange.

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Manhattan. Strange has no way of putting him down, Mirror Dimension BFR might be an option tho

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Strange bargain with him.

Win via Time Stone gg.

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Manhattan stomps.

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Strange isn't winning that one with the time stone based on Manhattan's perception of time.

Manhattan can win this one. He's one of the few who could take Strange.

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Manhattan disintegrates

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Manhattan easily...

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@contingency: Manhattan is basically a God without a body and time. He wins

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terrible mismatch

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Are u serious? Manhattan stomps lol

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Mismatch, Manhatten kills everyone in the MCU

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Manhattan takes him apart molecule by molecule.

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Manhattan shitstomps.

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This is spite in Manhattan's favor

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@lan_fan said:
@ready_4_madness said:

Manhattan kills him like he killed Rorschach.

Or takes him to another planet with no oxygen.

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Manhattan disintegrates

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Blue man slaughters

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Blue Man Snapped His finger.

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Strange bargain with him.

Win via Time Stone gg.