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Doom uses his 5 minute prep time to create a new Doombot to fight at his side. He already knows of Black Adam, Superman and Majestic. He doesn't know that Hyperion will show up though.


Doom's Doombot has the same siphoning power as what Doom already has built in his suit since 1984. The New Doombot can also absorb complete beings within itself.

Characters that has already been absorbed by this Doombot:

  • Broly
  • Freeza 4th Form
  • Cooler 6th Form (Meta)
  • Vegeta SS2 (Majin)
  • Pikkon
  • Naruto (Sage & 9-Tails)
  • Rock Lee (8th Gate)
  • Vergil (with Yamato)

The only thing that the Doombot does not have that Doom possesses is magical might and superior will-power. Everything that the Doombot can not cover, Doom will provide aid for.

The Super Team bust into Doom's Castle, only to be surprised that Doom already expected them, but one.

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Doom loses regardless

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So this is DBZ characters vs Superman squad in disguise?

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@Magethor: Does Superman, BA, Hyperion and majestic fight Doom at the same time? If yes, then I don't think Doom can do this...He can runs away, but he can't hurt 4 greatest powerhouse in comics.

And 5 minutes is a bit short for Doom...he at least needs a week or 2 . just My opinion

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This is to much for the Doombot even with the powers mentioned.

These characters regularly beat up cosmic entities, mad scientists, gods, alien invasions, supervillians, each other, among others.

While this version of the doombot has the powers of some of the most powerful characters in their respective universe against Superman, Majestic, Hyperion, and Black Adam they and by extension the Doombot is out of its league.

Besides if the Doombot gets the characters powers through a device I am pretty sure Mr. Majestic with his superhuman intellect could figure out how it works and neutralize it to make the Doombot powerless.

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@GodDamnIronMan: 5 minutes for Doom is a lot of time. He's a walking duex machina. Every second to him is weeks worth of prep. He's also in par to a Sorcerer Supreme. But you could be right. The team's PIS factor might pull of a win. PIS is Doom's only weakness.

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To many heavy hitters to handle at once for doom

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Actually it is said in the comics that Dr. Doom's magic is second only to Dr. Strange because while Dr. Strange is an incredibly talented sorcerer who devotes his life to magic Dr. Doom focuses on science and technology as well.

Also while Dr. Doom is a walking dues ex machina that is only with more prep than five minutes and even Dr. Doom is arguably better at long term planning Mr. Majestic is better at quick second genus and would probably find a way to neutralize or reverse the effects of the machine that is granting the Doombot the anime characters powers.

Besides even without Mr. Majestic's super intelligence the Doombot is quite frankly outmatch, out powered, and out classed. Superman, Majestic, Hyperion, and Black Adam simply operate on a another scale than the dragon ball and naruto characters. Dr. Doom might be able to beat them with enough prep but five minutes is not sufficient against characters of this scale.

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Doom would win