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-All combatants are bloodlusted

-Brainiac is physically capable of going toe to toe with Superman

-Lex has his battle-suit

-Win by K.O. or death.

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@ImBoredLetsDebate: No. Random encounter.

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Thanos tips the scales, IMO.

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Under Random encounter Rules
Doom > Luthor
Ultron = Brainiac (at least more interesting imo)
Thanos > Despero
Overall Random Encounter
Thanos > Doom or Despero > Luthor > Ultron = Brainiac 
The only reason Random encounter I have Doom and Despero = possibly is Dooms immunity to telepathy and trouncing of Hulk and Sentry (with magic)

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Team Doom takes this.

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despero should put up a fight

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Team DC should win.

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Team Doom wins this

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Team Doom

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Marvel wins.

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Despero solos.