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Dormammu and Umar

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1- Tyrant, Despero and HP Doomsday

2- Monarch, Superman Prime and Amazo

3- Odin, Rune King Thor and Neron

4- Gold Cloth Saints and God Cloth Saints

5- Hades and Athena

6- Skyfather Hercules, Galactus and Chaos War Zeus

7- Franklin Richards and Cosmic Cube Thanos

8- Shuma Gorath and Eternity

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Stop at 6.

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Uh? Seiya Hades and Athena?

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Stop at 5, maybe 4(Although I personally doubt it).

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stops at rune king thor he has death touch and can wish people out of exesitince and has low tier reality warping that can affect a galaxy.

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Stop at 3 , rune Thor was more powerful datn necro Thor who one shotted a just fed Galactus, d dude powers are insane from easily universal to low multiversal

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6 is above 7. Stops at 6.