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The Doom Patrol, consisting of Elasti-Girl, Robotman, Negative Man, Mento, Vox, Bumblebee, and Beast Boy vs. the Fantastic Four, Mr. Fantastic, Thing Invisible Woman, and Human Torch.

Personally, I think the Doom Patrol could beat them. Mento and Mr. Fantastic would have a cool fight but if Mento really wanted too he could psychically maul Mr. Fantastic but Mr. Fantastic could've invented something that makes them highly resistant against telepathic attack. Psi-shields I think. Mr. Fantastic could do some damage to Mento with his inventive skills but Mento might ultimately win that battle with his telekinesis. Negative Man vs. Human Torch. Negative Man's astral form is of negative radioactive energy which can phase through solid objects, fly, and cause explosions when it comes in contact with positive energy and it gives off lots of radiation. Negative Man's astral form can't stay out of his body forever, including the current version, but longer than 60 seconds but Johnny could beat Negative Man hands down. Thing vs. Robotman would be cool to see. Thing is a very good hand-to-hand fighter and Robotman is, I think, a bit stronger than Thing but Thing would win. Elasti-Girl could then backslap Johnny to Connecticut and could try to squase Thing. Bumblebee would attack Invisible Woman who would use force fields against her but Vox can unleash his subsonic powers upon her and since it's so loud and ear-shattering, she wouldn't be able to think and therefore Bumblebee can land some good hits but Vox can't keep it up forever and Beast Boy would morph into a gorilla and pimpslap Invisible Woman since she knocks the lights out of Bumblebee and Vox after Vox slips. Beast Boy would go to Elasti-Girl's help since Thing is really strong, and fight Thing until Elasti-Girl would suprise Thing and punt him to Tennessee. There. The FF are beaten. But I want to hear what you think. If Human Torch came back, Mento can use TK to fling him right into the fists of Robotman.

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even with that great scenario you gave, i think the fantastic four might win. sue can turn invisible and attack from anywhere and they can actually just have her put a force field around herself, reed and thing while johnny goes nova. that might take out all of the doom patrol.

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Doom Patrol because I'm biased because it's more fun and interesting than FF.

Rita will throw thing onto the horizon. Larry will explode everybody else! DP for the win!

I didn't read the OP, too long.

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FF easily wins