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(1) This is Composite Trump.

(2) Trump is bloodlusted, morales are off.

(3) Both Canon and Legends feats count (for Sidious).

(4) Winner by death or KO.

Can the President make it through?

Round 1: TPM Darth Sidious

Round 2: ROTS Darth Sidious

Round 3: ROTJ Darth Sidious

Round 4: DE Darth Sidious

Boss fight: DE Darth Sidious, FOTJ Luke, KOTFE Valkorion, FOTJ Abeloth, Silver Surfer (full power), Thanos (full power).

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Trump clears, claiming the infinity gauntlet and divine rule over the universe

Make the universe great again!

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Trump trumps on these jobbers !

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Trump solos Star Wars, Marvel and DC at once

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Honestly... Trump clears.

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fat egotistical narcissistic baby dies vs an expertly trained masterful force user

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The Donald takes it

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Trump teleports lavar ball to him and clears the gauntlet with his help

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Trump clears - gets killed by Theresa May - She gets killed by Jeremy Corbyn!