Don Corleone vs Tony Montana

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  • Both at the height of their power
  • All resources available, Tony has help from Sosa
  • Manny is alive
  • Both want each other dead
  • Basic knowledge
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Tony would have better weapons at his disposal, given that he's over thirty years ahead of Michael, but i don't think he's half as good a leader as Michael. The Mafia Don has more loyalty in his ranks and would rally his men far better than Tony, who's too much of a coked up narcissist to convincingly appeal to fellow gangsters for help. I'm not sure which could gather more men at the height of their powers, but assuming they both have the same amount it'd be a nasty bloodbath, probably ending with Tony dead, because i think he may be too reckless to survive the battle, but his men winning, given their potentially far superior firepower.

In a one-on-one i'm positive Tony would win, though, as he's done more than enough of his own dirty work, he has decent combat feats, while Michael is more of a leader than a gun-wielding murderer.

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Al Pacino wins here easily

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@silverrings: you gotta remember tho mike was a WW2 hero he knows his way around a gun more than tony. Who had training from "Cuban military"

I think tony would win a gang war since he is from 20-30 years in the future and the big part Sosa is helping

So you gotta watch out for Alberto's and Sosa connections with other dangerous people.

On a 1v1 I'd give it to the Don't 6/10 because Tony being coked up be a problem.