Does Invincible Always Lose? Invincible vs Magneto

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Poll: Does Invincible Always Lose? Invincible vs Magneto (24 votes)

Invincible 13%
Magneto 88%
Maybe, not sure. 0%

Thanks to the popular Does Batman Always Win segments by @k4tzm4n, and the recent Does Miles Morales Always Lose, I decided to make one for Invincible whose awesome comic run is coming to a end. Every week or two I will make a new match, and keep track of Mark's wins and losses. At the end we can see where Comicvine places Mark in terms to other characters in battles.


Invincible vs Post Crisis Wonder Woman

Invincible vs Marvel Angela


Invincible vs Ms Marvel

Invincible vs Namor

Invincible vs Post Crisis Superboy

Invincible vs Extremis Iron Man



This Weeks Match

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Battle Forum Rules

  • Death or KO.
  • Standard Gear. As in gear used more than once, and easily reachable for said character.
  • Start 20 feet apart in a city street.
  • Morals on and in character.
  • Everyone is current or last seen for versions.

Match will close in a week. Results will be tallied in the next post.

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I'd go with Magneto.

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I'd side with Magneto

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Magneto wins.

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Erik wrecks

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Magneto takes it.

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Yeah, I'm going to have to side with Mags on this. Mark really can't get around a lot of his abilities by slugging it out.