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Doctor Doom


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In character

Winner by KO, Incapacitation or Death

Random encounter

Standard gear and abilities (Rex has a nearby factory)

Fight takes place at an unpopulated city setting at night

Who'd win ? For what reasons?

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Doom stomps

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Victor obliterates him.

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I don't think Doom is actually anywhere near this level in random encounters, but I guess he could win if he can detect which bot Rex is in.

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Doom finds the suit that Rex is in and suffocates him inside of it.

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In most scenarios, Doom would win, but Rex can win here. Rex is better then literally every hero on the Invincible planet put together, and was only stopped when it was no longer a random encounter, but a unified army led by Mark.

That’s a bit above Doom’s paygrade in this scenario, specially since he doesn’t have to divide his army across the globe like he did when he took over the planet. He can focus a planet-wide army on Doom, and Doom alone.

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Victor von Doom.

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Rex can take this if he finishes it quick and he does not underestimate people.

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Fizz would love this thread