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Dante can only use the rebellion.

Blade has his standard gear.

Win By KO.

Who Wins?

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Giving Blade all his standard gear while Dante only has his sword already shows the victor in my opinion. Dante

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@spideyandslendy: I'll just list them then get into details

1. Dante has a better healing factor

2. Dante has broken the sound barrier just by running down the side of a tower, and was able to shoot, and cut up demons without losing momentum.

3. Dante can swing his sword so fast that one 4 to 6 swings can only be seen as one.

4. Dante can absorb powers of other demons

5. You can shoot him in the head and literally take no damage from it.

There is just some of the reasons. Don't think I don't know blade is a bad ass cause honestly he is. I respect the guy he can kick some major ass. He just has more limits then Dante does. Dante has proved to be faster, stronger, more durable, more versatile (granted cause of his demonic ability). Granted I do think it's possible blade is a better martial artist dante hasn't shown to too much in the martial skills except with ifrit and the other hand and foot weapon in dmc 4. All in all Dante is better in my eyes.

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Dante due to superior speed, weaponry, regeneration and demonic powers.

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Dante easily.