Despero vs. Mongul

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No prep and mongul does not have sinestro ring WHO SHALL WIN THIS EPIC BATTLE OF WOULD BE UNIVERSE CONQUERS?


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I think Despero would take him. He probably has equal strength, but then he's got Martian Manhunter-esque telepathy.

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Despero beats Mongul in a tough fight
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Not so tough Mongul can't handle Despero in a brawl he can't even handle Superman. Despero has busted the league.

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Despero is far stronger (having beatedn most of the JLA and JSA big guns in hand to hand combat at the same time) and he also has very powerful mental domination powers.
He can beat Mongul.

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Despero for the wins.

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Ball Buster said:
"Despero for the wins."
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Virtue and Vice was Despero's highest depiction. He's strong but in his other appearances he isn't oneshotting top tiers left and right. One time Superman even oneshot him with a dose of heatvision.

That said, telepathy makes this most likely Despero. A brawl would be interesting though.

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Despero stomps