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Deathstroke (Post Crisis)


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In character

Winner by KO, Incapacitation or Death

Random encounter

Standard gear and abilities

Fight takes place at an unpopulated city setting at night

Who'd win? For what reasons?

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What's Deathstroke's blood type?

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I don't see why slade shouldn't win, based off that rt.

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Based on the feats in that Respect Thread it would seem Slade Wins

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Bumper stickers.

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I think this has been done. Deathstroke is just better

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I'm not familiar with this animu/mango but based off the respect thread @life_without_progress provided alone, the previous statement of Slade "just [being] better" seems correct. I can go more in-depth on this if asked, but I think he holds edges over Stain in damage output and durability as well as solid advantages in the way of skill, speed and fighting style, along with his healing factor and additional gear being total X-Factors.

In particular, Slade's enhanced brain functions seem to be a hard counter to Stain's tendency to set up attacks ahead of time, even if it's through something as simple as knife throw. Moreover, from what I've seen Slade doesn't only have a direct counter to Stain's very fighting style, but has widely superior showings of doing the same exact thing.

On the flip side, Stain could probably win a slim minority due to his whole blood thing, but if Slade's fighting competently--and he usually is--Stain may very well not even be able to draw blood in the first place. This is kinda a leap of faith though, since I don't know anything about Iida and Deku. I assume they're not very comparable to Deathstroke, but I may be wrong.

That said I still think Deathstroke wins here, 7-9 times out of ten.

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I don't think Stain has such a bad chance here. Stain's physicals are enough to outpace even those with superspeed as their main power. He can take wall-busters to the face without issue. He is absurdly good at dodging. And if he draws even the tiniest drop of blood, Deathstroke is dead regardless of regen.

In addition, Deathstroke is exactly the sort of character Stain holds his moral crusade against. In character, he'll be the one to get serous first.

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I think this is a bad matchup for Slade.

Slade is all around a better combatant, but he also without knowledge would not be the type to 100% avoid all contact including scratches. And if he gets cut even slightly thats it.

I think at least 6/10 its more likely that Stain gets a cut in or any size before Slade can kill.