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Deathstroke has all his gear & feats , in addition to 2 days to prep .
He'll have unlimited ressources & full knowledge of Jay's powers .

Jay will have general knowledge on Slade .

Final fight takes place in Gotham .

Slade has morals off & Jay has morals on .

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Probably Deathstroke under these conditions.

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DS holds a stick and trips Jay while he's running. Jay then hits his head on a rock. Game over, DS wins.

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DS has beaten lobo and the jla he should win

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...Jay Garrick stomps

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Jay stomp

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Jay with no effort.

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Definitely Jay.

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Deathstroke. Since he has experience with beating Flashes.

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Jay turns him into an ash in mere nanoseconds

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Deathstroke gets owned, unless comic writers save him with PIS again

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Deathstroke only wins with at least a months prep and a mentally ill Garrick