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Death has all of his powers/weapons from Darksiders II. He is fully leveled, geared and specced.

Round 1: Daredevil with standard equipment. Battle is in an abandoned Times Square at dusk. Start 100 yards apart.

Round 2: Harry Potter. Battle takes place on the Quiditch green.

Round 2: An un-prepped Batman in the Batcave, but still wearing his costume and with a fully stocked utility belt.

Round 3: The same as Round 2 only this time Alfred and Robin (Damian) are there to help.

Round 4: Boba Fett with standard equipment. Battle takes place in the reactor room from Star Wars Episode I.

Round 5: Inner Moka Akashiya

Round 6: Spider-Man (Peter Parker) with standard equipment, battle under the same conditions as Round 1 except it's high noon.

Round 7: Illidan Stormrage at the peak of The Black Temple (same location as his raid fight)

Round 8: Dante with all powers from DMC4 outside of Devil may Cry the store.

Round 9: Dante with all powers from DmC: Devil May Cry in Times Square

Round 10: Quicksilver, battle takes place in an open field in Kansas.

Victory by any means necessary.

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The only two who could even give him pause are Illidan and Dante (not the new one). Everyone else gets murderized. And why put Quicksilver in at all? All he has is speed. He can't win against Death. And if Death gets his hands on him, Pietro is hardcore dead. The two most powerful people he has to contend with are Illidan and Dante. Everyone else is a minor distraction.

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I made this mostly as a weather vane for people's opinions. I've seen Death pegged as a cosmic abstract all the way down to a street leveler.

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@godtriggerhulk: Because there's more than one character by that name. Death (Marvel) is a cosmic abstract, and there is Death of the Endless (DC) who is also an abstract. Then there's Shinigami-sama (aka Death) from Soul Eater (anime/manga), and Lady Death (comic). There's even a Death in Castlevania. So it depends on what Version you happen to use in the discussion.

Death of Darksiders is a high-end street leveler if not outright super-human with powerful Necromantic magic and weapons to use at his command. He is tens of thousands of years old and is nigh-invulnerable, not in the sense that he can't be injured, but in the sense that most forms of injury inflicted on him are just meaningless.

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I can tell when someone is discussing Death from Darksiders versus say Death from Marvel comics ;P

I generally agree with your assessment, I'd put him as high mid-tier though.

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@godtriggerhulk: Physically he has super-human strength, though not as strong as War. But he can dish out enough force to cleave through a few thousand ton stone edifice that was hurled at him by Archon Lucien.

He resurrected War during the Abomination Vault incident, though it specifically required using Chaoseater and impaling himself with it to provide the energy needed to spark life in War's body to revive him. Something he wouldn't be able to do with anyone else. And with the help of Azrael, he summoned all of the Ravaiim blood that existed on that world and encapsulated it so that it couldn't be used to fuel the Grand Abominations.

He is shown at least fast enough to avoid gunfire from an Angels weapons, and even kept up with Samael's teleportations.