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Morals: off (so Dante and Deadpool have no restraints)

Weapons: Deadpool (Katanas + Wonder Woman's lasso (because he's a **** like that), Wolverine (Claws), Akuma (Fists), Dante (Rebellion, Yamato, Ebony & Ivory)

Weaknesses: Deadpool (Incapacitation, restraint), Wolverine (Vertebrae, eyes, genitals), Akuma (Not sure), Dante (Possibly decapitation, otherwise shown as unkillable)

Location: Avengers Flight Deck (because why the **** not?)

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Personally I think that Wolverine is the odd one out, as all of the others have their 'aces' in the hole so to speak, Akuma has his Shun Goku Satsu which could possibly kill Deadpool and Dante and would definitely kill Wolverine. Deadpool has the fact that he can survive decapitation and molecular disintegration and possibly any form of attack. Dante has that like Deadpool he is shown as purely unkillable.

So this might just end up with a dead Wolverine and Deadpool's head playing comentator while Akuma and Dante slug it out, but I know alot of people are complete buffs for all of these guys and could bring better speculation and insight as to why it might pan out otherwise. Opinions?

Oh, and hello. :)

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Akuma effortlessly solos

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Akuma would have trouble with Dante, but he would still bash these three.

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I was afraid Akuma would outmatch the other three so much, but how would he put Deadpool and Dante down for good? Who knows what the Shun Goku Satsu would do to a half devil with Dante, what if Dante used his Devil Trigger before impact? There is no telling what his soul would do in defense in that form, it may even backfire on Akuma? Seth and Vega can survive it because they aren't Human, perhaps Akuma isn't trained to face the soul of a Devil, if Dante even has one. Also, wouldn't Deadpool's soul be rejected from Hell and sent back by Thanos after the Shun Goku? Very interesting IMO, I don't think Akuma can lose this but I do think there could be a stalemate in there somewhere.

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wolverine wins.

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It comes down to Dante and Akuma but I'm leaning towards Dante due to speed and broken Techniques.

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Dante but only because I don't know if Akuma has feats to handle his speed.

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Time-stop means that Dante instantly takes this.