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Any takers? I'm thinking...Deathurge would have this one, since Deadpool wants to die anyway...

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I would think Deathurge.

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I dont see anyway Deadpool can win, he may be able to heal, but he's not 100 percent immortal. Deathurge is. Deadpool fights guys like Taskmaster and Punisher, were Deathhurge fights cosmic beings like Quaser.

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I don't think anyone in or under Spider-man's league can defeat Deadpool... but Deathurge is out of Spider-Man's league. Deadpool would lose.

However, Deadpool wants to die but refuses to let go. So Deathurge's weapons would hurt him alot, but I don't think they'd kill him.

...Everything about Deadpool is a double standard.

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