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Deadpool has his two katanas. Proxima has her spear. The fight is to the death or prolonged incapacitation. Starting distance of 10 yards.

Who wins and why?

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If Deadpool's katana can pierce Proxima, then I'm going with Wade.

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Deadpool destroys her. She has no speed feats to register to him.

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Wade I think.

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Proxima, not that close.

Her spear can put down superior physically opponents given it one shot Corvus Glaive, and she has a monumental strength and skill advantage based on her fights with Wanda (whom she tanked massive hits from and displyaed strength good enough to shatter concrete and leap about 100 ft. off the ground) and Cap/Okoye/Black Widow, remaining more or less untagged by the latter 2.

She's possibly faster too, or at a bare minimum as fast, given she could go 2 on 1 with people that can content with the Black Panther, a rather casual bullet timer, or her ability to pressure the Scarlet Witch well enough (granted with a bit of context) to prevent her from putting out more high end raw power.

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Wade guts her

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Wade slices her head off

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Wade wins out eventually.

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@anthp2000: few things (not saying I disagree just yet):

Did Corvus actually have any durability feats? Also, what are her speed feats/who are you scaling her to to say she has a monumental speed advantage?

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Definitely Wade

Much faster, and the healing factor and durability edge him out

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The Black Order keep getting lowballed.


He was physically contenting with Vision. He was getting slammed on concrete by him at high speeds and was tanking it no problem. He also tanked several hits from Steve's vibranium blades right in the face, so we know he also has high level piercing resistence.

Did I say speed? Nah, she has a monumental skill and strength advantage, but Wade probably has better reactions. Given her ability to fight opponents that can and have kept up with a bullet timer of Black Panther's level 2 on 1, or her ability to pressure Scarlet Witch well enough to prevent her from using more high end raw power, they should be similarly fast.