Deadpool & Ajax vs Daredevil & Iron Fist

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Fight takes place in a gym

Each team starts 25 feet apart

Round 1 Strictly hand to hand combat only and no chi

Round 2 Gear is allowed and chi is allowed

Perfect teamwork

Random encounter

First to K.O. the other team wins

Who you got?

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Daredevil and Ironfist easily...….. lose, it's not even close. Ajax is on Cap's level of strength and Deadpool's healing factor is too much for the team to handle. Either Deadpool or Ajax can solo.

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Yeah, Deadpool is a better match for the super soldiers than the Netflix street levelers.

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Ajax and Deadpool take it both rounds. Their damage soak and pain tolerance are simply off the charts.

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Danny and Matt get killed in under a minute

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Bullet deflecter Deadpool and bullet timer Ajax for the win. Fail at arrow timing Daredevil and scared of guns Iron Fist can’t keep up.