DCEU Wonder-Woman runs the gauntlet

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Posted by OneNationUnder_ (206 posts) 3 months, 27 days ago

Poll: DCEU Wonder-Woman runs the gauntlet (43 votes)

Round 1: Quick-Silver (Fox) 63%
Round 2: Magneto (Fox) 12%
Round 3: Scarlet-Witch (Avengers: Endgame) 7%
Round 4: The Phoenix (X-Men 3) 9%
Final Round: Dr. Manhattan (Watchmen) 9%

Round 1: Quick-Silver (Fox)

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Round 2: Magneto (Fox)

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Round 3: Scarlet-Witch (Avengers: Endgame)

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Round 4: The Phoenix (X-Men 3)

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Final Round: Dr. Manhattan (Watchmen)

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#51 Edited by bleidd (539 posts) - - Show Bio

Stops at 1. QS stabs Diana with her own sword.

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she's dead before her first breathe in round 1

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#53 Posted by Richubs (7506 posts) - - Show Bio

Diana loses 1st and 2nd because she's an actual Statue to QS.

She kills Wanda.

She loses to Manhattan as well because she can't harm him and he can disintegrate her.

Not sure about FOX Phoenix don't remember her very well.

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@richubs: She still lose scarlet witch wanda use telekinesis ripped head off or control WW by telepathy.

Wanda can fly and diana can't fly.

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