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  • Random encounter
  • Win by any means
  • Morals off
  • Takes place were the Trinity fought Doomsday

Who wins?

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Ulik shitstomps. In before the Superman wank comes in

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Ulik one-shots.

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Superman wank comes in.

Speed feats for Ulik? What is stopping Clark from BFRing him?

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Lol. Ulik rips his head off. Not even MoTM can save Superman from this one.

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Are you all high?? Of course Superman wins this. He solos all of Asgards foes while he is at it. Lol

OTFR: Ulik 1 shots

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I would also love for someone to come on here and say DCEU Doomsday>Ulik

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DCEU Doomsday>Ulik

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Though that said 616 Hulk

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A guy who can go toe to toe with 616 Thor aint losing to a dude who can barely handle high tier live action characters.

Ulik stomps. The DCEU wank for Superman and in general needs to die already.

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Does ulik have any standalone feats no scaling?

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@apex_pretador: He once survived a four story fall, got koed however.



"Mighty" Ulik right there.

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Ulik is a Thor villain but he's also a pretty big jobber iirc. Also despite being a Thor villain he is only suppose to be class 95 if I'm not mistaken.

I want to back ulik just on the principle he is a Thor villain. I don't know if I can blame someone for thinking he loses though. Scaling from Thor is the only way ulik can win as far as I know. Unless he has some crazy high end showings I don't know about.

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So a character with utterly pathetics feats in comparison to Supes like getting shot in the head and falling down a building and getting knocked out loses to supes in the mind of viners because they're scaling him to high end feats of Thor that thor didn't do in his fight against said character?

The first 8 posts are complaining about wank in a thread before anyone makes a case for superman.

Great logic in comicvine.

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These threads are silly and seem like a weird way to fish out a win for Superman. Like good job guys, you found a character that has no feats on his own and jobs all the time in comics.

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LMFAO Ulik stomps his Kryptonian overrated ass. Who cares if Ulik barely has feats? Superman breaks his damn hand by just trying to punch him.

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Ulik nearly killed Wolverine. A claw shot to the arm left a scratch but he kept his arm.

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Ulik stomps.

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Seriously, does Ulik have any feats? Getting beaten by Thor every single damn time isn't a feat, lol. If anything, that shows that Ulik is nowhere near Thor's level.

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@lan_fan: I could make a proper case later if you wish, but he has survived an explosion created by 5 hammers that levelled an entire mountain range and has the striking to match. Thor has his number almost everytime but he is powerful enough to give him a struggle. He is a bit inconsistent though.

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How to make Live Action characters win battles against Comic book ones? Easy. Pick a character with barley any notable feats and put them up against him. Ezi pizi

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Welcome to Comic Vine where logic doesn't matter.

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Didn't Ulik seriously stagger Thor recently? If that's true he one shots