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#1 Posted by tj849 (8569 posts) - - Show Bio
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  • MCU Wanda
  • CW RF
  • MCU Thor
  • MCU Hulk
  • FOX Johnny
  • FOX Magneto
  • CW Supergirl
  • MCU Vision
  • CW Killer Frost
  • DCEU Faora

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#2 Posted by RBT (28523 posts) - - Show Bio

CW Kara, DCEU Diana and CW Reverse Flash.

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#3 Posted by FangDaNerd (1631 posts) - - Show Bio

DCEU Wonder Woman, CW RF, and Supergirl beat the sh*t out of him.

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#4 Posted by DammeFavour (8466 posts) - - Show Bio

Faora solos, diana too and reverse flash

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#5 Edited by Prezilla (674 posts) - - Show Bio

Faora, WW, Reverse Flash

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#6 Posted by Mutant1230 (6623 posts) - - Show Bio

Thor and Vision to keep him distracted.

Magneto to actually destroy him.

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#7 Posted by BabyDarkseid (1907 posts) - - Show Bio

@rbt said:

CW Kara, DCEU Diana and CW Reverse Flash.

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#8 Posted by uugieboogie (13230 posts) - - Show Bio
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#9 Posted by DanielDaRipper (5529 posts) - - Show Bio

CW Supergirl, MCU Thor, and CW Reverse Flash

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#10 Edited by stvblackrose801 (1091 posts) - - Show Bio

Super Girl, Killer Frost and Wonder Woman.

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#11 Posted by DammeFavour (8466 posts) - - Show Bio

@uugieboogie: by being way more skilled and actually going for the kill this time

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#12 Posted by Drache64 (1234 posts) - - Show Bio

I pick anyone named Martha

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#13 Posted by deactivated-5b60e98a8eb99 (11593 posts) - - Show Bio

Wonder Woman, Reverse Flash and Supergirl.

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#14 Posted by CelestialKnight (1483 posts) - - Show Bio

Faora, Supergirl, Magneto

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#15 Posted by uugieboogie (13230 posts) - - Show Bio

@DammeFavour: Superman has more experience than he did the first time he fought her. And even though they weren’t going for the kill she still couldn’t beat him even with Nam-Ek’s help. Also, Clark wasn’t going for the kill in their first fight either which he probably will be here with Lois dead.

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#16 Posted by MICKEY-MOUSE (36840 posts) - - Show Bio

Supergirl solos...

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#17 Edited by Rockette (5932 posts) - - Show Bio

Killer Frost, Diana, & Supergirl.

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#18 Posted by Chronicplane (9185 posts) - - Show Bio

CW Arrow

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#19 Edited by DammeFavour (8466 posts) - - Show Bio

@uugieboogie: yea....2 years experience vs an actual seasoned soldier with the same powers as him, again they weren't trying to kill him, they still needed him. at most they were trying to restrain, the fight will go similar to the i hop fight till she snaps his neck

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#20 Posted by TheWatcherKing (18456 posts) - - Show Bio

Cw supergirl, Reverse flash and MCU Wanda.

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#21 Posted by Cull_Obsidian (3999 posts) - - Show Bio

Hulk, reverse flash , ww

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#22 Posted by SupremeGeneration (11922 posts) - - Show Bio

Reverse Flash phases him, I'll take Wonder Woman to distract him and Magneto on defense.

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#23 Posted by uugieboogie (13230 posts) - - Show Bio

@DammeFavour: They have the same powers but aren’t on the same level, he’s definitely stronger and more durable. They weren’t trying to kill but there was two of them and he was handling both of them, I don’t see how she’s going to better against an all around better Superman by herself. And being a “seasoned soldier” can only carry her so far. Zod was also a seasoned soldier and had access to more powers than she does and still loss.

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#24 Posted by deactivated-5b0ff1f569a57 (4213 posts) - - Show Bio

Wonder Woman,Faora and Reverse Flash.

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#25 Posted by DammeFavour (8466 posts) - - Show Bio

@uugieboogie: zod was fighting out of anger, faora had tactics and proper skills. its easier to contain and capture with 2 people rather than. zod was dominating the entire fight. i don't see how he's more durable or stronger than her cos i'm pretty sure he wasn't

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#26 Posted by deactivated-5a84a212043e5 (2790 posts) - - Show Bio

Fox magneto can probably do it on his own

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#27 Edited by Ultra_SupermanKing (1748 posts) - - Show Bio

CW RF FOX Mags and CW Supergirl.

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#28 Posted by MyLittleFascist (31726 posts) - - Show Bio

Any 3 live action characters? Or 3 from your roster?

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#29 Posted by americanspeeddemon (7247 posts) - - Show Bio

Supergirl Flies me away Thor and Diana destroy Supes

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#30 Posted by Aatroxxx (1593 posts) - - Show Bio

Faora WW and Supergirl

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#31 Posted by macleen (3593 posts) - - Show Bio

lmfao at people saying magneto. you and erik will be dead before you knew what was happening. id rather pick reverse flash, supergirl and wonderwoman. flash would bfr me across the globe while supergirl and wonderwoman distract superman.

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#32 Posted by theredhood44 (1093 posts) - - Show Bio






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#33 Posted by Direflash (759 posts) - - Show Bio


Pretty sure its the roster he has chosen. Otherwise I there would be no need to choose anyone but Dr.Manhattan who would dissolve Superman in to atoms.

Anyhow, i would choose Cara, Thor and Magneto

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#34 Edited by MyLittleFascist (31726 posts) - - Show Bio

Faora, Cara, and Wanda.

Faora and Wonder-Woman should be able to restrain him together and Wanda calms him down with her mind powers.

It's totally not because I want a harem or anything like that.

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#35 Posted by DrPepperMan (6288 posts) - - Show Bio

FAORA, vision, reverse flash.

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#36 Posted by hudyman (2243 posts) - - Show Bio

I genuinely don't think anyone here can defeat him.

Thing is, with Lois Lane dead Superman genuinely has absolutely nothing to lose. This isn't a case of being bloodlusted, it's a case of wanting to see you die no matter what happens to him. He will absolutely ravage every single person in that list and burn them to a crisp.

Nobody survives this.

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#37 Posted by deactivated-5a35e2edd9c28 (1031 posts) - - Show Bio
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#38 Posted by maxxcveiler (1030 posts) - - Show Bio

None of these people can save me from superman's wrath

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#39 Posted by Batman242 (11927 posts) - - Show Bio
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#40 Posted by Batman242 (11927 posts) - - Show Bio

Unless I'm a building lined with lead and regardless of the team being able to beat and even kill him, I think he's still fast enough to kill me. He does only need one shot, after all.

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#41 Edited by IndomitableRegal (16195 posts) - - Show Bio

So many wonderful options...CW Supergirl, CW Reverse Flash, and FOX Magneto.

@batman242 said:
@chronicplane said:

CW Arrow

I laughed too loud at this.

He forgot to add "After a pep talk from Felicity." Lol.

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#42 Posted by nerdchore (8161 posts) - - Show Bio

Kara mags and ww.

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#43 Posted by Thorthunder98 (6802 posts) - - Show Bio

Diana, RF, Supergirl

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#44 Posted by Standardized (1502 posts) - - Show Bio

How are they stopping him? If Lois is dead he's gonna be bloodlusted and is simply gonna run through everyone here....

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#45 Posted by The_Magister (14279 posts) - - Show Bio

Not Kara. lmao

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#46 Posted by deactivated-5a46927fc5463 (2849 posts) - - Show Bio

This is way too easy.

WW solos. RF may solo. Supergirl will put up a very good fight.

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#47 Posted by playerx-tr (645 posts) - - Show Bio

No one can solo. Only WW will put up a fight, others will be one shotted. WW also goes down against bloodlusted Superman.

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#48 Posted by deactivated-59d0376931207 (449 posts) - - Show Bio

Caitlin, Kara, and Eobard

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#49 Posted by deactivated-5b2121a0a9a00 (10000 posts) - - Show Bio


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#50 Posted by FlakeKing (467 posts) - - Show Bio

Killer Frost,Vision, and Human Torch:)