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Poll: DCEU Steppenwolf vs. DCEU Doctor Sivana (36 votes)

Steppenwolf 42%
Sivana and the Sins 58%

fight takes place on neutral terrain

Steppenwolf has his axe

The sins are contained in the orb and Sivana can deploy them at will who wins

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#1 Posted by AllHellKingDox (318 posts) - - Show Bio

Sirvana wins the sins are immortal and they'll eventually kill wolf.

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Steppenwolf stomps

Steppenwolf > Wonder Woman and Aquaman >> Shazam family.

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I’ll go with Sivana. Step would get overwhelmed by the sins. He wouldn’t be able to harm them.

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I see sivana could win in battle this.

Sivana can fly steppenwolf can't fly.

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Honestly steppy was definition of unimpressive. I'll go with sivana

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Steppenwolf is too strong, too skilled, too durable. One clean shot from Stepp's axe, and his skull would get obliterated along with the orb.

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Steppenwolf has no answer for the sins

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Sivana was an actual decent villain who put up a good fight and both he and Shazam are near if not on or above WW level definitely above Aquaman and also Steppenwolf got killed by Parademons he's not to impressive especially in the speed category.

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Doctor Sivana.

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I’ll go with Sivana. Step would get overwhelmed by the sins. He wouldn’t be able to harm them.

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Sivana by feats. But on paper He’d lose. Badly

WW would legit fodderize Sivana based on how she fought Ares, and Ares is comfortably above Sivana. Stepphenwolf was probably Diana’s equal.

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Steppenwolf is to much for him

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DS. Regular Superman easily wrecked Steppenwolf. A magical superman should do the same.

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Honestly, Sivana seemed even less impressive than Steppenwolf. He didn’t really do anything that powerful.

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Sivana still win.