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  • Clark with MOS feats only, Bleeding Edge Armour, Thanos has the Power and Space Gem
  • Battle on Titan
  • Perfect Teamwork
  • Bloodlusted
  • Win by any means except bfr
  • Start 50 ft apart
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Thanos solo.

Power stone can destroy planet and superman can't touch power gem.

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Thanos solos stomps with the stones

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Thanos with two stones is too much for MOS Superman.

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Superman solos.

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Thanos should win on his own, and he doesn't need stones either.

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Thanos stomp Power and Space Gem too many.

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Thanos crushes Superman like an insect with the power to destroy a moon. BVS Superman would suffer the same fate, tony doesn’t need to be here.

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With stones, thanos should solo. But tony is a non factor anyway so...

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Thanos solos.

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Thanos solos

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Still superman.

Neither have the durability to tank his casual slap.

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Thanos could probably solo. MOS Superman is fast but eventually Thanos will tag him and end him. Or just drop a moon on him.

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Clark would lose here. Not enough experience.

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thanos solo murders .

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Still Man of Steel.

Superman took 0 damage throughout the movie. Faora & Nam-Ek already had really good teamwork they only were able to keep him out of fight like what ? 5 seconds most.

Thanos had 4 stones on Titan and had a hard time dealing with people who is just a fodder to Superman. Also still did get cut with a Hammer Hand from IM.

Marvel characters are nerfed really hard for MCU idk why.

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Thanos solos since he’s bloodlusted with these 2 stones and the starting distance is large enough to allow him to close his fist before Superman can hit him based on feats from MOS.

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With stones Thanos stomps but without stones Superman takes it

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Thanos solos.

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Thanos solos.

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Thanos solos with the stones. Without said stones, Superman wins.

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Thanos solos

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Thanos solo even BvS or JL clark will die Superman is a level nuke Power stone is a level planet.

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Thanos only got hurt from the accumulation of damage from guardians, dr strange etc

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The starting distance is still too close for Thanos not to die. Even assuming just mach 1 speed would let him cover 1125 feet in a second, he's not snapping in .0444... seconds, and he's at least several times faster than that at minimum.

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thor solos.