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DCEU Team: Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquama, Shazam, Batman, and Cyborg

If team takes the avengers place in the final battle of Endgame do they win?

Thanos has the Power, Reality, Time, Mind, and Space stone.

Round 1: Superman has morals on

Round 2: Superman is bloodlusted.

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Thanos solos

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League wins.

1.) Cyborg hacks Thanos assualt ship and peppers the battlefield

2.) Superman and Flash steal the gauntlet and flash runs away with it.

3.) Aquaman floods out major numbers of thanos army

4.) Wonderwomman and Superman beat Thanos into a pulp or kill him.

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@icec0ld: With no prior knowledge, those feats would not be possible to perform, realistically.

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Thanos becomes surrounded with fast moving piles of red mist and bubbles

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@icec0ld: Cyborg is never hacking thanos ship.

Thanos and especially maw are smarter than he is.

Ironman is better than cyborg and would stomp him

Rocket is smarter than ironman

And whole worlds are way smarter than rocket tech wise

And finally every one in the galaxy fears thanos. Do you really think none of them tried hacking his ship???

Thanos and maw casually reverse engineer pym particles like its child play and mass produce it. Their tech will be next level.

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thanos with so many stones solos .

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Thanos solos.

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Thanos Solos. Maybe even without gems. Still kinda ridiculous that people hold superman above Thor or Thanos without the feats to support it. He’s fast. BUT HE DOESNT FIGHT FAST UNLESS HIS OPPONENTS DO AS WELL. He never blitzed steppenwolf. Didn’t blitz the league. He doesn’t use his speed well. He only fought fast against Flash and dodged steppenwolf like once. Get over it.

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@dark_globe said:

thanos with so many stones solos .

The only reason he solo's is because there is so much for Superman to focus on. If it were just Thanos with the Gems, he loses.