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No regen for Wolvie

No gadgets fro Bats

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Logan cuts his balls off

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Dude Logan wrecks

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Logan stomps. Mismatch.

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Mismatch, and probably done before.

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Logan stomps.

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Mismatch and should be locked.

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Poor batfleck, Logan murderstomps.

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Logan stomps. If he was Bone Claw with no healing, then it’d be a better matchup. But adamantium means he does what that thug managed to do in the warehouse scene and stabs Bruce.

...only with a much longer blade.

...and 5 more just like it...


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OP says Logan has no regeneration so what makes you guys to think that Logan will stomp Batman who is master of martial artists? Logan hasn`t at least any decent combat feat.

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Logan stomps, in The Wolverine he didn’t have his healing but he was still very impressive. Also since Batman only fights fodder he does not have the feats to contend with Logan.

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Logan rips him up unless Bats gets some new armor.

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@stefano: I am not saying batfleck has a chance but what about the movie in which Logan was getting stomped by ninjas?

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@deathstroke512: He was shot multiple times even before engaging them H2H.

Considering Batman doesn't have that luxury nor his toys, He gets gutted.

OT:Logan dices him.

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Logan disembowels him.

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Wolverine tanked blows from juggernaut

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Logan is probably more skilled. Mismatch.

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Logan in a mismatch.


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@buildhare: I’d like to believe Logan is a skilled fighter. Feats to put him above Batfleck though?

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Really it's more of the reverse, Batfleck has no skill feats against named fighters (whereas Logan has fought Sabretooth, Barakapool, X-24, Silver Samurai etc.) and his only good fodder showing (the other being against a single Parademon, where he was man-handled) still has him being regularly tagged by fodder. I don't think Logan is a master martial artist or anything but the fact he can no sell everything most street level threats can throw at him definitely leads to him being underrated, as it's usually more convenient to just take the hit and walk through it than dodge. He is highly skilled when he needs to be;

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As soon as he takes a hit and realizes he has been weakened he goes untouched against the Yakuza. I doubt he's much better but having 0 feats against established fighters is pretty significant when Wolverine has a ton.