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Round 1: Same circumstances as the fight on the airfield

Round 2: Fight takes place in the Civil war airport

(Picture will be replaced when one becomes available)

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Assuming that Magneto stomps.

What did Ares do significantly in combat?

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@thespartanb345t: Telekinetically threw vehicles, summoned lightning, could transmute swords out of thin air, and contend with Diana physically, was also capable of telepathically causing her to see Visions.

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@georgewbush: Pretty good then. Still Mags more versatile. Just not Mags easily.

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I doubt Magneto has the reaction times to react to Ares... Mags is impressive in other areas, but I think Ares can put him down with a quick strike using TK or transmuting Mags' surroundings

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@lucano: or he could just teleport behind him

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@DammeFavour: Yeah, I forgot his teleportation, which was actually pretty badass, kind of scary actually.

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ares basically is magneto but on steroids. plus his magic lightning, and teleportation

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Just tossing a couple of random questions into the wind here, but can mags use that magnetic shield (Did i get it right?) that Quicksilver couldn't get through? If yes, could ares get through it? Or is this the pre-Apoc-amped Mags?

If this is amped mags I could see him giving ares a bit of trouble. If it's not then I believe Ares stomps.

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Magneto uses crush!

Ares uses dead!


That's the fight, they're in different tiers.

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Ares should win with teleportation, but he doesnt use it. Magneto far outclasses him in pure power. Mag wins this.

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Ares stomp hard

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Magneto crushes Ares armor into a ball

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Buckethead vs. buckethead. If wonder woman can beat ares, then magneto can.

Magneto, FTW.

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Magneto stomps. Also that's Injustice Ares.

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It just depends on who attacks first and how seriously.

Magneto can crush Ares and Ares can crush Magneto.

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Ares is more powerful

Magneto is impressive because Apocalypse amped him. Normal Magneto isn't as powerful as Ares. Ares could stomp him without his armor.

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Erik crushes him into a tin can

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Magneto amped by Apocalypse have some cool feats.

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Magneto stomps and he was never amped by Apocalypse.

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@rampagethefirst: Yes the hell he was. Movie was just subtle about it. Like think about it. That moron Magneto sat in the pentagon prison for 10 years with no hope of escape and then out of the blue he can pull ships out of the deepest trenches of the ocean from the other side of the world all because Apocalypse went "aye you know there's metal in the earth right?" And then Magneto dumbass just went "OH YEAHHHH I FERGOT LOL"

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@epicyon: He wasn't amped. The only reason why he didn't escape the prison was due to character development, Apocalypse showed him the way to control his powers, amping someone would be like him amping his horsemen and forcibly mutating them. He didn't do anything to Erik, everything you said in your post is purely speculation, Magneto is a badass that would blink Ares out of existence without giving it a second thought.

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@rampagethefirst: He amped Magneto and that's common sense. He also didn't mutate Psylocke yet she still got amped despite no change in appearance or blatant showcasing of him doing so. He also amped Charles!! No physical contact or anything, Charles was just amped because he needed a worldwide message like how he needed Magneto to pull off worldwide destruction. Suggesting Magneto sat in prison for 1 years and didn't sense metal around him as he sat like 100 feet down below is ignorant. He was never a planetary threat, period.

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@epicyon: He didn't amp Magneto and it's not a fact unless you can prove it. He did mutate Psylocke...What are you on dude? he clearly enhanced her Katana, you can see it glow brighter than before once Apocalypse amps on on-screen. Magneto was clearly uninterested in escaping, you can even see the clip when they try to break him out, he explicitly states that he accepted his crimes and wasn't interesting in escaping whatsoever. He showed planetary feats, you're just salty for no reason, your deluded speculations aren't better than on-screen feats.

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Magneto should win without much trouble, his power-levels are just at a completely different scale.

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Ares gets stomped as always.

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@rampagethefirst: He was amped. And that's the stupidest lie I ever heard, he was not uninterested, he left with Quicksilver instantly

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@epicyon: Show me a single shred of evidence suggesting he was amped and I will concede, if you're going to resort to arguing semantics to salvage a garbage argument then I'd much rather not waste my time.

Everything you've wrote so far is purely speculation, we've seen him amp people on-screen, and we've seen him approach Erik on screen, absolutely nothing suggests he was amped. You're borderline delusional.