DBS Team Battle: Blue vs Purple vs Green vs Red vs Yellow

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#51 Posted by AlexTheBoss (19577 posts) - - Show Bio

Either the purple or blue team.

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#52 Posted by WorldofRuin6 (4353 posts) - - Show Bio

Team Blue.

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#53 Posted by Scotchbear (2285 posts) - - Show Bio

Gogeta potentially solos this

He’s far and away the strongest character in this battle. He’d one shot half the other opponents with a strong fart.

His teammates simply play decent defense to keep him from getting piled and he goes around one shotting people.

Even the GoDs would get utterly curbstomped by him.

No one here has the raw power to even hurt him.

It’d look like jiren vs goku vegeta and 17, everyone attacking him and failing miserably because the gap is just way too big.