Darth Vader vs Saber Alter

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Darth Vader (Composite Canon & Legends)


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Saber Alter

In character

Winner by KO, Incapacitation or Death

Random encounter

Standard gear and abilities

Fight takes place at an unpopulated city setting at night

Who'd win? For what reasons?

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She’s much stronger than him. If it comes to them beating on each other, she’ll win. Vader’s only hope is to abuse the Force.

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Interesting fight

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Based of Saber's anime feats. I'd say she wins.

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Darth Vader strangles her to death.

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If we restrict it to blades only then Saber should take it, but with the force I'll back Vader.

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@fullmetalemprah: @nightwingx: Vader really has nothing that would allow him to stand up to the kind of force that Servants are putting out. Vader can be pretty durable against conventional means, but he is so far outclassed physically and offensively here that he's pretty much a joke compared to the likes of Saber. This is generally why SW fans don't argue battles outside of other SW characters.

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I'm assuming this is the version of Alter from Heaven's Feel. She has infinite mana from the grail and a no-nonsense attitude so she can just spam Excalibur. If you hooked her to average master Vader could win.

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Sadly, Vader dies....again.