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The Undead encounter the Sith Lord on the wall instead of the Night's watch

Vader is Composite with Canon/Legends feats

* Undead army is appearing out of the trees like in the Season Finale

Who wins

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I'm pretty sure force sensing would let him figure out he just needs to kill the Night King.

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Unless this undead army is superior to hordes of Stormtroopers and a small Rebel army that included tanks, then I don't see how Vader doesn't win.

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Vader stomps.

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Luke's dad.

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This thread is not impressive. Most not impressive.

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Vader stomps than stomps GOT

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vader solos the verse

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Vader will use his telekinesis to find some dragon glass , sense it , and straight into the heart of the night king.

If Arya can kill night king , then anybody can.

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Vader senses the Night King, pulls him forwards with TK then kills him and watches the army fall apart.

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"Unless the night's army is superior to storm troopers" aka the guys that have reverse aimbot? Oh ok.

Vicerion burns Vader alive

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@zuriel-el: why would drogon be here lol

Vader dies like an old fart

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The Vader lowballing. He stomps

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composite vader curbstomps

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Canon or legend vader it is irrelevant, both solo verse, ridiculous speed, precog, invisibility, powerful TK, almost unlimited stamina.

Just some of his feats

Vader deflects sniper with ease after it was fired and swings blade so fast that he forms 6 afterimages out of his blade:

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Vader creates a barrier around his body with his lightsaber, while simultaneously deflecting omnidirectional laser fire:

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This is all canon Vader

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Yeah, this isn't so much a fight as a massacre.

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Not sure if Vader can kill the NK, but if the NK doesn't have his invulnerability to non-valyrian steel or obsidian weaponry then he massacres them.

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Composite Vader solos the verse, come on now