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Darth Traya

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Darth Tenebrous

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  • In character.
  • Win by any means.
  • Random encounter.
  • Standard gear.
  • They start 50 feet apart.
  • Fight takes place here:
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Tenebrous blitzes. Other than that, Traya seems more proficient in the Force, but Tenebrous is probably the better swordsman, mostly based on inference, since there is no showing to support this. If she wins with Drain, it'll be permanent, otherwise Tenebrous's pre-set maxi-chlorians migrate into her body and it becomes a stalemate.

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if traya can do her force drain on him, then she should win. otheriwise tenebourus would win

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I'd be interested to see if anyone could make a case for Traya's Force defences preventing a speed-blitz. Once Tenebrous reaches striking distance then it's likely over for Traya, but it's possible that he could have a hard time getting there.

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Yea. Teneb

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Tenebrous but as everyone is saying it comes down to Tenebrous' lightsaber skills and speed vs Traya's force powers.

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Tenebrous is way too fast. A Force battle is one thing... but an all-out fight, Tenebrous FTW,

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I'm not seeing how Traya can compete in any regard; Tenebrous has her absolutely outclassed in every aspect. Tenebrous wins with little, to no effort.

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Tenebrous lolstomps

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Tenebrous probably stomps, yeah.

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Tenebrous absolutely murders her.

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Does Tenebrous have any resistance to drain?

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Yeah, Tenebrous wins with ease. This isn't fair.

@slayne said:

Does Tenebrous have any resistance to drain?

Well, he utterly dwarfs Traya in force power, so it's pretty unlikely that Traya's drain would have any perceptible impact on him. And with his immense knowledge and mastery of the Force, he'll almost certainly find a way around it.

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Darth Tenebrous stomps.

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@slayne: From the writings of Darth Bane, yes he does.

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Tenebrous is far more powerful and, by inference of his enthusiasm for lightsaber combat, infinitely more skilled with a saber. He stomps.

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Tenebrous stomps her in every round.

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Rugess butchers here. Traya probably wouldn't even have a chance to use Drain, and if she did, it'd be of no consequence.

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The Bith Sith takes it.

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Tenebrous stomps.