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Dark Apprentice Starkiller (Clone)

Inquisitor Jerec in his prime

ROTJ Vader and Palaptine

The 4 of them land on the Sith Academy to see the Sith Triumverate and the Great Galactic War Sith make an alliance to take them down.

50 Sith Acolytes

30 Traya Sith Assassins

30 Sith Warriors from the Sith Academy

Darth Malgus and Visaas Marr

The Dark Council (Darth Marr, Darth Baras, Darth Decimus, Darth Vowrawn, Darth Mekhis, Darth Acharon, Darth Thanaton, Darth Nox, Darth Soverus)

The Sith Triumvirate (Darth Nihilus, Sion, Traya)

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RotJ Sidious demolishes his foes with lightning, TK, TP, drain...

His allies just make it that much easier.

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Sidious solos, lmao.

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Team two wins.

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Sidious drops a Star Destroyer on them.

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Jerec and Vader die horribly but Sidious and Starkiller obliterate.

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Why is the Dark Council below the Triumvirate?

Regardless Sidious or Marek solo.