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Darth Revan, villain, conqueror, Dark Lord of the Sith runs the The Old Republic gauntlet

Every victory Darth Revan gets healed up and moves onto the next

Darth Revan has 2 chances, if he dies he moves 1 gauntlet up and respawn with full health and power

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WARM UP: Overseer Harkun and Overseer Tremel

Round 1: Lana Beniko

Round 2: Orgus Din

Round 3: Lord Vindican and Return Malgus

Round 4: Kao Cen Darach

Round 5: Darth Thanaton and Darth Karrid

Round 6: Ven Zallow and Deceived Darth Malgus

Round 7: Darth Nox (Act III) and Darth Marr

Round 8: Darth Jadus and AMPed Darth Baras

Round 9: Satele Shan, The Hero of Tython (Act III) and Barsen'Thor (Act III)

BOSS: Unchained Vaylin and Vinn Atrius