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Nox is so hard to quantify, since the Force spirits bound to him/her seem to make him/her strong, but not so overwhelmingly powerful that any on the Dark Council actually seem concerned about it (it doesn't help that the Councilor Nox killed is the only Darth that none of the other Darths took seriously). Similarly, Kyle is also hard to quantify since it is not explicitly stated or otherwise revealed how much more powerful he became after soaking in the Valley of the Jedi.

When all's said and done, this will basically come down to feels, which is subjective.

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Katarn via Vader scaling.

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Being more powerful than Malgus who can tank explosions powerful enough to decimate an entire fleet, scaling above TP'ing hundreds of Jedi and being stated to be a worthy successor to Tulak Hord who can pull 300m long ships from the sky as well as solo armies are better feats than those which Katarn has.

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I'd back katarn over malgus, but not nox. Nox wins.