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KC Superman, Cyborg Superman, Mr Majestic, H'el

- Post Crises Onwards (No Parallax), Gog Wars Doomsday, 1 Hour Sundip for Zod, Wildstorm Majestic

- Standard gear, no creation blades, Hank has 1 ring

- Basic Knowledge with Perfect Teamwork

- Battle on an indestructible Planet

- Morals off, Bloodlusted, no bfr

- Win by Death

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i want to say villains still

although one could made a great case for team supermen

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Hank has stalemated DD in the past IIRC, and I do believe he is above Zod and Sinestro. Though the latter comment is completely opinion. Darkseid might be a bit much for the team though.

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Villains in a good fight.

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Woof what a Sausage Party.....

Team 1 Stomps!!

(I don't know any of these people like that LOL)

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Zod and Sinestro are non factors, but I could see Darkseid and Doomsday carrying team 1.

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@floopay: villains kill them! Only one who will put up a fight is KC supes and he even said darkseid is stronger than him.

Look doomsday isn’t that weak either. He has been through so much adaptations and he has reflexes equivalent of the flash! His claws can pierce kryptonian skin! He would kill Cy and H’el.

Sinestro can also shut down hanks ring jus like he did mongul and then kill him. I’m pretty sure if he killed mongul with his ring constructs, he can kill Cy as well.

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Definitely villains, there’s too much raw power there.

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Probably team villains. Zod doesn’t belong here, but darkseid makes up for his lack of usefulness

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Why give Zod 1 hour of sundipping, not only is this a power-up he’s never had (which is against battle forum rules) but it’s a power-up no Kryptonian has ever had, it’s completely theoretical. Ignoring that, Supermen edge it out.

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Leaning towards Darkseid and his team.

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Love that pic.

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Looks like I would have to give it to the villains team.

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Team villains can win this unless Darkseid jobs , which happened most of times against Supermen(lol) and to some of his rogues .

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Supermen in a good fight. They have superior speed, enough strength to contend, and versatility in H'el.

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All of these Superman are arguably above Supes in either raw stats or versatility.

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Supermen. Darkseid will be the biggest obstacle but I’m confident that H’el and Hank can take him down faster than DD, Sinestro, and Zod take down KC Supes and Majestic.

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Could go either way however Doomsday should carry Team 1 to make this clearly in there favour IMO.

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The villains.

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Darkseid solos

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The Supermen win.

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I could see the villains winning.

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Darkseid does 3/4 of the work for team 1. Team wins.

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