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Battle Rules

  • Darkseid is in his True Form composite.
  • Trigon is outside of his realm.
  • Battle takes place in an infinite universe
  • No BFR

Who wins and why?

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I suppose there is no chance of the omega beams erasing Trigon, is there?

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Trigon lacks actual feats, but he should be far above Uxas. True Darkseid should be at his level or above though, but has even less feats.

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True Darkseid should be at Trigon's level. Though both Trigon and True Darkseid barely have feats

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For now, I'll go with Trigon, but I can be convinced otherwise.

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Trigon wins. Both need more feats.

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I think both of their feats come from mostly claims of power that both lead to multi-universal. I think it would be a slightly closer match up if Darkseid gets composite feats.

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This is one of the best direct feats of Trigon afaik (some indirect ones or statements, especially of Raven, are even more impressive)





Trigon let himself captured by a trio of beings called the Divine and fed to that Heart of Darkness, a giant living sort of magical machine who absorb and feed with corrupted universes and evil souls from them.

It leveled an unknown number of universes before, and Trigon just merge with it and absorb all the souls and dark energies it contained, making it as such a multiversal feat.

His main problem is that he was cursed or something and can't travel easily from one universe to another, new one, he needs someone's help to open a portal for him so to fully get to the other side.

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Bump; edited OP.

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Trigon because his chair looks more comfortable

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Given the rules, likely Darkseid.

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Composite Darkseid is multiversal, so he wins.

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Freaking Trigon

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Darkseid.....trigon would lose to mephisto

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Trigon, at least he has planet level transmutation feats.