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Poll: Darkseid vs Apocalypse and Hulk (156 votes)

Darkseid 73%
Apocalypse and Hulk 27%
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Location : Beach

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I'm dying at that picture

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Hulk is irrelevant.

Darkseid wins if apocalypse does not have the time and power ring

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Welp, there goes my dinner. Clearly Apocalypse and Hulk win.

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A better question is, who Darkseid is gonna decide to take out first?

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Darkseid's omega effect can transmute matter on molecular level, so if Silver Surfer who is no even close to Darkseid level of power can turn Hulk back into Banner by molecular transmutation, Darkseid can easily do the same. And Apocalypse is planetary level threat, he is not nearly Darkseid level, who is multiversal level threat in DC comics and receatly fought anti-monitor to a standstill.

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In a fight or bodybuilding contest?

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This is ridiculous

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Why was this bumped


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Darkseid... because neither of his opponents want to tempt whatever he keeps in his g-string.

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Dead lol

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The Cringe is eternal.

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This needs a bump

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The way they're written to be, En Sabah Nur and Hulk could win, and potentially should win. Apocalypse is written to be damn near a god; regeneration, TP, TK, has Celestial armor, ridiculously smart, can increase his size and strength, is immortal, etc. Add in Hulk, who throws Superman level punches (and only hits harder as time progresses), and 'Seid SHOULD fall in a great fight. His durability and those Omega Beams would be his chance of winning, but going based solely on what Wiki has them as doing, I'd back the team.


Apocalypse typically isn't written to his maximum potential, probably losing stupid fights or never displaying his full power.

So since that's the case in comic world, Darkseid wins, and probably in a stomp too. -_-

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Darkseid wins. That images though....especially DS. Speechless man !!!

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@doomsboy: darkseid slaps them with his magnum dong

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Darkseid easily.

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Apocalypse amps Hulk (Celestial Tech) and makes him Death (Horseman).

Uber-amped Hulk and Apocalypse have a shot... maybe.

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I've made a huge mistake coming to this thread.

Now i can never unsee it...

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We all win.

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Darkseid stomps

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UXAS WINS.😑at the pictures.

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If it is a battle for pornstars audition due to the picture darkseid, otherwise apocalypse.

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If Silver Surfer, who has just a fragment of Power Cosmic can one shot Hulk, I'm pretty sure Darkseid can one shot him easily with full power of omega effect. And even if that's not gonna do the trick to kill him, he can just imprison him in another dimension or BFR him to a black hole or transmute him back to Banner or just do anything else with his omega effect that's needed to instantly take Hulk out. Either way, Hulk is a non factor against someone with this level of matter and reality manipulation powers. So it's basically Darkseid vs Apocalypse. And I think we all know who has better feats. Darkseid stomps this.