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Who would win between the the two most powerful characters in DC and Marvel VS the respected Universes???

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they get crushed bably ...

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Does Thanos have the Infinity Gauntlet? If so I think they win this fight. As long as they kill Adam Warlock and any other Skyfather level threats. It's a maybe, if Thanos doesn't have it... then they will be raped. And is One-Above-All apart of this fight?

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theres just too many characters for the duo to contend with imo..

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The two share an evil laugh and handshake as they set about their evil plan, only for Shuma Gorath to come in and bitchslap the two of them out of existence.

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Acutally the question is do they have prep.

I see it like this.

Thanos and Darkseid make a deal, They utterly destory both universes and then with the Anti-life equation dominate the next one.

Against everyone though even with IG Darkseid and Thanos will eventually lose. Since like in all Marvel stuff Thanos eventually will betray Darkseid and himself on a subconcious level.

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Squirrel Girl and TOAA solo.

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The Endless stomp Thanos and IG...either that or they get conned by John Constantine

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@MasterJohn..LOL!...Yeah Thanos and Darkseid can't take both universes without somekind of cosmic artifact or INSANE power boost.

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HOTU Thanos owns all. TOAA is not part of Marvel 616.

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Lucifer Morningstar


Living Tribunal




Thought Robot

Franklin Richards

Superman Prime One Million

White Phoenix


and many others solo.