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Goku selects DS for the Tournament of Power in place of Tien, on Team Universe 7. How would he fare in the tournament? (Note: Tournament of Power rules apply.)

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He would do good up until GoD tiers show up.

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Mismatch, Dark solos everyone in DBS at the same time.

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DS gets solo'ed by GoD Toppo he won't even make it past his shield without getting erased.

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Darsh solos them all as though they were fodder. None of them have the proven combat speed needed to contend, while nothing they can do would actually get rid of Darsh.

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People seem to forget that you don't need to kill to beat DS in ToP.

So he gets BFRd by some fodder.

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He'd do well. He'll just constantly regenerate in the Void and he has more than enough abilities to keep him on the tournament ring (teleportation, wing-flight, levitation) until he faces top tiers who massively outspeed and out-powers him. Also many of his spells are barred from use since they're OHKO. He could survive until the very end or get knocked off by Jiren or GoD Toppo if they were to fight 1v1 for any reason. But he's definitely not beating everyone since he's weaker than too many people in the ToP.

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He's the MVP for sure.