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@menos_kegare: "Oh, right, I'm Gan. I'm a... traveller, of sorts." He said this in a tone that implied that his past wasn't something worth talking about. "Would you mind telling me about these tales? I'm quite interested in hearing about them."

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@emperorthanos-: "Let's go see this man with the Phoenix. Who knows, he might know something. Heck, he might even be the ring leader. How many folks in this world has access to tame and trainable birds like this Phoenix?"

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You follow Dogen none of the guards notice you as you escape from your area. You see him and the other bodyguard walk for a bit before several guards approach them. They tell Dogen " We encountered someone following the Chief. When we questioned him, he said he saw a blonde shirtless man and woman with a hood were planning on attacking him." The Dogen replies " So Sepitus is indeed in the city. Though I don't see how he would be interested in the Chief. The person who told you this is looking to confuse us." The bodyguard replies " There is someone watching us, I felt something at the house and I still feel it. The person following is skilled and dangerous. " The other bodyguard approaches " I lost her, but I did get a glimpse, and I didn't recognize her as one of Sepitus's followers."


You and your group keep investigating the scene when the ground beneath you starts to shake. You look around to see giants charging at from all sides. The woman the one eye shouts " Well looks like they are going to come to us. Kill as many as you can these giants don't seem to be special."

No Caption Provided

Body:Abnormal Titans

Weapons: Club

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The others don't seem to notice you. Too busy drinking. Still your two friends get and and move away from the table to bar, taking you with them. Once there Taurus explains " Well the Steel Dragons have hired us to get rid of their dead bodies. They bring the bodies to us, we take them off their hands and they pay us for it. Now we are supposed to take on them ship and dump them deep in the sea where no one can find it. That's what the steel dragons believe. But you remember that Black John is a necromancer right? You see we haven't actually been disposing the bodies. Instead Black John has be resurrecting them. Creating a pirate army of those killed by the steel dragons. And he has the rest of us living pirates command them." Sebastian continues " Can you believe it? Us pirates commanding an army of the dead. And not just any dead, alot of these guys are Shuraretsu assassins. Who could probably kill us if they had any free will. Its the perfect system when you think about it. Expendable too so we can sacrifice as many as we ant when fighting other pirates, the steel dragons will always have more dead to give us. "

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You Idiots

Viola sighs as she listens to them explain their plans to her, an army of the dead, what could go wrong, right?

Viola: You're all idiots who learn nothing from your mistakes. You think Black John is your friend? You think the Steel Dragons won't catch on to what you're doing? You think that if this got out there wouldn't be some all-out war between John and the Dragons? He's USING YOU the same way he used me, can't you see that? You think John actually cares about you lot? No, you're means to an end and the sooner you realize that the better. I mean--

She stops and thinks back to something she just said. An all out war. If she told the Dragons what John was really doing then... she could start an all out war. Pitting her two most hated factions against one another...? Brilliant.

Viola: You know what, forget I was here. Forget me, I mean, it's already clear you have. Thought you lot were to be trusted given what we went through together, the amount of times I saved your lives, but hell, guess I was wrong.

Viola leaves the bar and begins looking for the nearest Steel Dragon outpost she can get to -- she has a report to give.


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The Ground Don't Want Me

A rumble of distant thunder shook Saoirse from her trance, the tingle of danger coursing through her body. Feeling the ground shake she wheeled to the right on instinct, conjuring a grey spear to her hand. With a hearty grunt, she let it fly at a high angle, disappearing into the smoke and grey sky. Wasting no time she conjured another, red as blood, just as her first spear began it’s return to the Earth. Falling from the dreary sky like a bolt of invisible lightning the spear found its mark, piercing through the charging giant’s throat. Caught unaware, the behemoth was knocked to the ground, like a massive tree uprooted by a powerful wind. The earth trembled with its impact.

Saoirse could hear the cries of her compatriots as they launched into a counter-charge, their feet kicking up trails of bloodsoaked ash and mud. The air stank of rot and hot decay, the sky opening into a cold drizzle. They wove expertly through the scattered ruins of the town. A short distance away a giant ran through a house without breaking stride, the support beams snapping like twigs as the walls collapsed into rubble. A plume of dust sprang into the air, billowing still smoldering coals and ash. Another giant rendered a small house to splinters with a swing of its club, debris littering the air like confetti.

So this is what a fight with giants is like. With their long strides, the giants were now closing in on the small group of hunters. Sprinting head-on with her scarlet lance Saoirse launched into a reckless attack. She moved too quickly for the creature to follow, dodging a powerful blow from its club so fast it appeared as if the swing had simply missed its mark. A spray of mud erupted and she felt a blast of air as she spun mid-air, whipping the lance around and severing the tendons in the giant’s wrist. The fingers fell useless, unable to grasp the heavy club. Without missing a beat she circled to the brute's flank, casting a powerful throw straight through the giant’s neck as it turned to find her. “Die, she seethed.” Blood spattered the air as the spearhead drove through the base of the creature’s skull. Again the earth trembled as another monster crashed to the ground.

Before it hit the ground Saoirse was already leaping toward its companion, her eyes crackling with anger. The image of the bloodstained doll was seared into her mind. There was no mercy for these monsters. A shield was now in one hand, a gleaming gold lance in the other. The giant swatted at her lithe frame, but she was too fast, slipping by its muscular hand.

“Graahhh”, she let loose a guttural growl. Before it could react she plunged the shining lance into the creature’s nape, twisting the blade and reversing her grip as she sprinted along the crest of its shoulders. In her wake, she left a laceration several feet long that spurted violently with hot, crimson blood. Like a panther, she pounced from her wounded prey as it succumbed to death with a deafening roar. The spearwoman bounded from the stumbling giant to another standing nearby, but the distance was just a bit too far. Falling short, she plunged the spear into the creature’s back, swinging herself around it and using her momentum to vault up into the air. Her empty hand now fastened itself around the hilt of a sword as she spun like a buzzsaw toward the titan’s neck. Making contact the blade shredded through bone and sinew, severing the giant’s spine and causing it to tumble to its knees. Saoirse launched herself away as the limp giant crashed through the abandoned church below, landing on the tilted shambles of a nearby roof.

Feeling a sensation of electricity she dodged to the side just as she landed. Near instantaneously, a large chunk of stone tore through the building, pulverizing the entire structure. “Kid!” The one-eyed woman bellowed as Saoirse fell to the ground with the collapsing walls.

“S*$#, not good.” Saoirse muttered to herself as she landed on her back, chunks of wet wood and stone raining down around her. Curling into a ball she flipped up the shield to blunt the impact of the wreckage crumbling on top of her. Damn, you idiot, she berated herself taking stock of her current predicament. “Should have seen that coming”, she grumbled through gritted teeth. Water began to trickle down on her as she strained against the rubble pinning her down. Rain must have really started to come down. She grunted, pressing up on the shield, the angle of her arm granting her no leverage. The bricks and mortar shuddered as she struggled to free herself, water and tiny pebbles cascading down through the cracks. She pressed again with growing urgency, this time the rubble slowly giving way as she fought upward.

Her danger sense screamed as she pressed up through the collapsed building, trying to stand. S*$@, definitely not good”, she grimaced. She tensed every muscle in her body, her skull buzzing at the unseen danger she knew awaited her. Emerging from the prison of stone and shattered planks she was confronted by the sight of a giant in front of her, grimly clutching its club in a menacing threat. Still half buried in the building’s remains there was little she could do, but she raised her blood-streaked lance in defiance, her soaked hair falling messily across her left eye. Blood trickled from a gash on her forehead, and her face was streaked with dirt. “Bring it #*&;%$”, she spat, staring the ogre down. It lifted the colossal weapon to exact a deadly blow, but instead, its knees buckled, bringing it to the earth with a shudder. The towering body landed not five feet to her side, buffeting her with a rush of air and flecks of crushed stone. Standing triumphantly over the massive corpse the one-eyed woman pulled her axe from the thick flesh of its neck. “You’re welcome”. Her eye taunted Saoirse, who freed her legs from the weight of the remains.

“I had it under control”, Saoirse remarked pointedly as she wiped the mud from her armor. "Right where I wanted him", the spearmaiden added for emphasis, throwing a clot of mud to the ground. She gazed around the gloomy battlefield, assessing the situation. It appeared as if that was the last giant, as the others littered the ground around the town, her comrades slogging toward her through the muck. Letting out a sigh Saoirse went about the task of retrieving her weapons.


  1. Spear throwing

    1. Throwing Power: Actual humans can throw javelins over a football field in distance, in fact engineers actually had to redesign javelins to be less aerodynamic and more difficult to throw in the 1980s because they were flying too far and posing a safety issue to spectators. Wolverine is far faster and stronger than any human that has ever lived. He has thrown a motorcycle (400-700 lbs) without strain, and thrown the nearly 500-pound Omega Red hard enough to break steel prison bars. With composite Lancer's technique he should have no issue throwing at least 3-4x as far and hard as a normal human.

      Throwing Accuracy: In Fate: Zero, Diarmuid was confident he could hit a book-sized target on a skyscraper-sized monster from at least a hundred meters away if he got a clear shot. Cu Chulainn can hit targets from multiple kilometers away, so he should have no issue nailing a giant from a few hundred meters. In addition, here is a Wolverine throwing coordination feat for good measure.

  2. Weapon Piercing ability -Already mentioned this in multiple previous posts, but Gae Dearg and Gae Buidhe have easily pierced superhuman opponents as well as concrete, steel, and demonic beasts. My third spear, made from meteorite (Fox Adamantium) can pierce through steel like butter. Wonder Woman's sword (DCEU) was sharp enough to carve through Doomsday, so it should have no trouble piercing these giants.

  3. Leaping - Wolverine has superhuman leaping ability strong enough to jump from the ground to a Sentinel’s (or another large robot) head in a single bound. This was with an extra 100+ lbs of adamantium weighing him down as well.

  4. Speed - Wolverine is fast enough to move FTE to people with superhuman reflexes, fast enough to make Spider-Man question who is faster, and earn praise from Kaine.

  5. Strength - Wolverine is pretty stronk. He is capable of tossing a motorcycle without issue, and even a dumpster.
  6. Spider-Sense - Senses danger and reacts before she realizes where it is coming from.



  • Saoirse killed some giants.
  • She got buried in rubble but escaped.
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Aerwyna looks at you enthusiastically. "Glady!" She replies. "Well, as you can see my sister and I are dryads." She raises a hand to caress a vine growing out of her. " A few crew members from the last voyage to the island wrote down reports of strange, plant-like creatures. More than a few kinds, actually. They weren't like animals either, the crew said they even helped them out here and there as they explored the first island. So, what I want to know is if they're cousins of ours." As she explained her goal to you, you can tell she was clearly excited about the chance to meet more of her kind.

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@emperorthanos-: You follow Dogen none of the guards notice you as you escape from your area. You see him and the other bodyguard walk for a bit before several guards approach them. They tell Dogen " We encountered someone following the Chief. When we questioned him, he said he saw a blonde shirtless man and woman with a hood were planning on attacking him." The Dogen replies " So Sepitus is indeed in the city. Though I don't see how he would be interested in the Chief. The person who told you this is looking to confuse us." The bodyguard replies " There is someone watching us, I felt something at the house and I still feel it. The person following is skilled and dangerous. " The other bodyguard approaches " I lost her, but I did get a glimpse, and I didn't recognize her as one of Sepitus's followers."

'Not with Sepitus, huh? Well, they're not entirely wrong.'

Měinǚ continues to follow Dogen, not even flinching at what he's saying. Something tells her she'll get her chance to strike soon, but one thing is still on her mind

'Wonder how that kid's doing? Here's hoping he didn't piss off somewhere.'

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@menos_kegare: "Cousins? Are all dryads related to each other in some way?" Gan asked with a slight tilt of his head.

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As you dash down the tunnel, explosions go off, collapsing the tunnel behind you. The enclosed space of the cavern forces the bulk of the shockwave down the narrow tunnel and after you. As it hits, you feel an intense pain erupt in your ears, disabling your hearing ability. You continue stumbling forward, but remember the caltrops on the ground.

A cannister of tear gas and a flash bang come tumbling towards you.

Two kobolds come bursting through the walls:

No Caption Provided

Kobold Miner:

  • Body: Vampire (Priest)
  • Powers: Empathic Sensing (Dark One), Seismic Senses (Toph), Digging (Tama - Magical Girl Raising Project)
  • Skillset: Adlet Mayer

One targeting Ellarian and the other targeting you.


  • Blowing up part of the tunnel, was not really the best idea. Explosions are loud enough to damage the ears of normal people, let alone someone with massive hearing such as yours.
  • As we saw in the Cobra vs Natsu fight, your hearing does make you sensitive to sound. I know Natsu's scream was ridiculously loud in the manga, but you also don't actually have Cobra's durability.
  • So now, while stunned from your own explosion, and without the use of your hearing; you have to get over the caltrops, deal with flash-bangs and smoke grenades, while also dealing with the tunneling kobolds.
  • One scratch from a kobold can cause a massive hole to open.


On the board you see the most recent bounties.

New Bounties This Week

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

On the second board you see another list.

Most Wanted

  1. Higher Vampires Lord: 30,000
  2. Unidentified Leader of Monsters: 30,000
  3. Sepitus Delacroix: 25,000
  4. High Vampires: 20,000
  5. Monster Lord 20,000
  6. Steel Dragons Boss 18,000
  7. Shuraretsu Boss 18,000
  8. Baron Nuare 16,000
  9. Dogen Zaka 16,000
  10. Black John 16,000

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" So what is this idea of yours? I can kill you right here. Let you join Black Johns undead army. And even if you can somehow avoid my attack, you aren't going to defeat an army of the undead. But we can make a deal. You tell me who you are, how you founds and why you are here. And you won't become an undead slave to the boss after I kill you."

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@emperorthanos-: You misunderstood my post. I don’t plan on going down into the cave and collapsing it on myself. I want to throw down a bomb and then make a run for the exit (where there aren’t spikes or traps anymore). Plus the bombs have a delay.

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“Make a run for it: to run in order to escape something or to reach a destination quickly, perhaps before a certain time or before something happens.” In this case I meant the first one, “to escape something.”


In addition, why would I be more affected than Cobra by the noise? There isn’t any indication that physical strength or durability correlates to not feeling pain from loud noises ringing in your ears. Not to mention, it’s a bit odd that I’d get his hearing and not his own resistance to the weakness provided by improved hearing. If I picked Leo Valdez’s fire as a power, I assume I wouldn’t get his fireballs and not his fire resistance, since it’d mean my powers would burn me whenever I used them. These ears are part of my physiology, so they shouldn’t be any worse than Cobra’s. If I picked Wolverine’s bone claws they wouldn’t be worse because I have weaker durability and, hence, weaker bones, correct?

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@emperorthanos-: Grocc looked over the bounties and smiled. This city had a thriving criminal underworld, and while that meant he had competition, it also meant there was opportunity for him to form his own criminal organization. The first thing he needed was too establish himself a stream of income. Grocc took all three bounty poster's off the board. He folded the dark magic wielder, and the treason posters neatly and tucked them in a pocket. He would hunt them down later if he had time, but a thief he could make use off.

No Caption Provided

Grocc made use of one of his greatest gifts, his greaves that granted him immense speed. He moved through the city faster than normal people could perceive and went into each bar or inn to ask for leads as too where to find the thief. Because of his speed, it didn't take him long to question a large amount of bartenders and inn clerks.

What does he learn about the theifs whereabouts?

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Aerwyna nodded. "The first of our kind originally came from the World Tree, which makes us all family." Then her gaze shifted slightly, and her voice lost her enthusiasm. "Even if it's a bit difficult to find each other." Noticing her own change in tone, she composed herself. "So, what kind of places have you been to?" She asked.

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@menos_kegare: "Oh, just here and there. I was born in Eirland, an island far north of here." He gestured in the general direction of the island. "I later went to Hinac for reasons that I now regret and stayed there for a number of years before deciding to go travelling. I plan to stay in every nation on the planet and this place is my first stop. This world has to have beauty in it... somewhere..." Gan noticed his depressing tone and quickly composed himself before smiling at the pair. "Well, that about sums me up. I'm but a humble farmer's son. There's little that's interesting about me. The world tree, though?" Gan's voice trailed off as his mind wandered. "I'd like to see it someday."

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As you say those last words, you feel something bump into you as you're pushed forward. Your face suddenly plunges into a comforting softness.

"Oh, sorry 'bout that" You hear a gruff voice from behind.

Hmm, smells like lavender, was his first thought. Is that from a perfume, or is that her natural scent? She is a dryad, after all... Gan pushed the thoughts aside. "Sorry about that," he said simply as he regained his footing. He spoke as if what had just occurred was but a mild inconvenience. His training in Hinac had exorcised him from most of his impure thoughts, so it was to be expected.

As you look at Aerwyna you could see that her face was flushed. As you apologize, you feel a sudden sting of pain in your left cheek. A bee had seemingly come out of nowhere and stung you. You quickly swat it away and rub over the now sore spot, wondering where it came from. You notice Aerwyna talking to Laefeus in the same language as before as you return your attention. The red from her cheeks had disappeared. "N-no, it's okay. I completely understand." Then apologetically, bowing her head slightly, "I'll have to ask you to forgive my sister, she's a bit," she pauses as if trying to find the right word. " 'rash'."

"Don't worry about it, it's no problem. Besides, wounds like that are no bother." Before he had even finished speaking the swollen mark on his cheek had turned into a small red dot before fading completely. "Still, I'll have to be careful. I'd rather not have an island's worth of bees attacking me," he finished as he laughed. He paused to think about something before looking back up. "I should probably go speak to the others that are going with us. I'd like to at least know everyone's names before leaving. It was a pleasure meeting the two of you." He put his hands together and performed a light bow more out of habit than anything else before turning away and approaching the demolition crew.

The Demolition Crew:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Aerwyna smiles and waves you off while her sister looked at you - wary as when you first saw her. You look over to the 3 men that were the demolition crew - the uproarious laughter growing louder as you approach. Then one of them, the shirtless man with an orange hat, notices you. He raises a mug and nods to you. "Come on over, pull up a seat!"

Gan seemed to don a new face as he approached the group. The face of a soldier who liked nothing more than a drink, far from the (mostly) dignified appearance he had before the dryads. "I hear you lads are gonna be heading to that island with us then?" Even his voice sounded rougher than it did before. "Figured it'd be best to meet you lot and celebrate on the eve of this great night. You know what, f*ck it, I got the money. Let's start a tab. Drinks on me." Gan's smile was still welcoming, albeit in a different way than before.

Another man, a bit stockier than the other two, look at you with a smile on his face. "Now thas what I like t' hear!" He poured a tankard of whatever it was they were drinking and handed it to you. "My names Gregor, you?"

"Gan." He took the cup from Gregor and sniffed it. He leaned back with a slight raise of his eyebrow before shrugging and drinking it anyway. "I gotta warn you though," he said, "I don't get drunk easily."

The man with the hat downed another glass before slamming it onto the table. "Sounds like you'll fit right in, eh?" He said, a bit of a chuckle in his voice. "Name's Arlo." He put his hand on the last unnamed man's shoulder and gave him a friendly shake. "And this one's Artur." Then he held his hand to the side of his mouth, and in a mock whisper, "But between you and me, he's a bit of party pooper."

You noticed Artur roll his eyes at this. "I like to have fun as much as either of you two, the only difference is I make sure the job is done first. Or don't you remember what happened at Ladonil?"

"Oh, now that sounds like a story. What happened at Ladonil?" Gan asked, already trying to signal the waitress to get another round of drinks.

"Oh, here we go with this again," Gregor stated. "I swear, make one mistake an' ya never hear the end of it."

Artur dismissed Gregor's complain and turned his attention to you. "So, we're in Ladonil, right? It was a simple job. Big, but simple. Basically, we were hired to tear down some of the rundown buildings on the outskirts to make room for something or other they wanted in their place. Anyway, I sent these two off to handle it while I went with the boss to handle the paperwork and talk with the contractors. All they had to do was lay the explosives and blow the things up. Sounds simple, right? But nooooo, we couldn't possibly have that."

"Oh, here it comes" Arlo interrupts before taking a glass from the waitress.

"After they lay all the bombs, guess what happens? They decide to go off for a drink, callin' it their break. They figure they'd come back and finish the job after a round or two at the local tavern. Can you guess what happened when they got back?"

"No bombs?"

"Exactly," Artur responded. "Apparently, a group of goblins had strolled by and noticed them and decided to take 'em for their own fun." He downed another glass. "The boss and I come back, and what do we find? These two are havin' a firefight with the buggers. Can you believe that? Oh sure, there were buildings destroyed - but not the right ones!"

"Hey! In our defense, we at least tried to stop 'em!" Gregor voiced his opinion.

"Stop them?" Arthur laughed at this. "You were throwing fire at bombs, how did that stop them?" Gregor looked to the side, clearly unable to think of a retort.

Gan laughed heartily at the tale. "Goblins are quite similar to the Leprechauns I have back home. Little buggers can cause more trouble than they're worth." He finished the rest of his drink. "I like to think that the journey is more important than the destination. All things fade with them, but a good story will remain. Throwing fire at them, though?" Gan laughed again, wiping away the tears forming in his eyes. "Brilliant. Bloody brilliant."

Arlo snickered at that. "Right? You'd think they'd get the message to drop 'em after the first two exploded. Not the brightest, eh?"

"Though, I don't think it's the biggest fuck up I've heard of." Gan went on to explain a tale from his days in the military where a commanding officer who got a little too drunk the night before inadvertently sunk half a fleet worth of incoming food and reinforcements. "The face of the general when he came in afterwards, I've never seen anything like it. Felt like he was gonna string the poor guy up by his balls in the centre of town and leave him there." Gan chuckled much more softly than he had before as his happy memories of his military life were interlocked with his less than happy ones. "Guess it just goes to show that drinking on the job isn't the best of ideas, huh."

Gregor laughed. "See? S'not as bad as it could be, right?" He nudged Artur with his elbow.

"I just hope you remembered how he ended that story." He replied. Then to Gan, "So, what brings you here to join this expedition? Doesn't look like you're from around here, to begin with. Just exploring?"

"Well, that about sums it up, yeah. I'm little more than a glorified sightseer. Just between you and me," he said as he leaned in closer. "I didn't much care for being a member of the hero guild. I just figured the free travel would be helpful on my journey. But, one thing led to another and now I'm being called on for the frontlines in vampire hunts and shit." He leaned back again. "It's not like I don't wanna help people either. That's what got me into this 'position' in the first place." He sighed. "I just hope they don't make me attend any more bloody meetings," he finished before skulling the rest of his drink. "What does confuse me is you guys. Why is a demolition crew coming to a dangerous island out in the middle of nowhere?"

Arlo gave you a puzzled look. "I take it you haven't talked to the captain yet, then?"

"I haven't even seen your captain yet."

"Yep, that would explain it," Artur took over. "Well, I guess we can explain that much. Essentially, the Dragon's Maw is made of 4 different islands. The first island a lush jungle teeming with giant reptiles, poisonous plants, and a bunch of other creatures. The second one is the biggest of the four, though truth be told it's more of a volcano than an island. Lots of wildfire and lava - which, " as he said this, he clapped his hands and fire flew from his fingertips, "is what we are here for."

"Ahh, I see. I guess I'll be hoping you guys can make sure I don't burn to death then." Gan laughed as though this had nothing to do with him. "Your boss seems like an interesting person if they took on this job."

"Rest a'sured, we'd never letta drinkin' buddy get burned on our watch!" Gregor responded, patting you heartily on the back. "But yea, Laeus does like t' take the stranger jobs. Says life's more entertaining that way."

Gan nodded. "Ahh, I see he's a man of culture as well. Life is too short to not have fun with it. It's bad to get too drunk the night before a mission, but since I don't really get hangovers," Gan said before finishing the rest of his fourth glass in the last 10 minutes, "I'm planning to get bloody smashed tonight." At this point, his speech was starting to get slightly slurred. Impressive because most people who drink this much this quickly are barely conscious.

"Alright! Then lets get to it!" Arlo agreed, signaling to the waitress to keep the alcohol coming.

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@emperorthanos-: I am 100% posting today btw