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Tarrin has slowly become one of the most dangerous provinces in the Kingdom. It is filled with all sorts of criminals and everyone official is corrupt. You all arrive by ship(illegally) to the port of Tarrin a province in Edral. You all have your own reasons for coming here but the journey took all the money you had. So before you are able to accomplish what you have come here to do you must earn some money. Thankfully you will find enough opportunities to make some coin.

Public Money Making Options

These are some of the quickest ways to make some coin. Both options involve fighting threats that gradually get stronger unless you decide to go for the big one right from the start, something that I would advise against.

Bounty Hunting

At every guard office you can find all the current bounties. Hunt down the bounty and claim the reward. The higher the bounty the more deadly the enemy so be careful on who you choose the hunt down.


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Fighting in the Arena is another quick way to make money. The Arena is a grueling series of battles each getting harder than the last. The further you progress in the Arena, the larger the reward at the end.


Organizations are the best way to get quests and make some coin. There are plenty of organizations for you join, from guilds to criminal enterprises. Each organization has it's own unique hierarchy and type of quests. As you rise up, you get access to special perks and better gear, training and allies.

Kingdom Guard

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The kingdom has it's own guard stationed at every province and city. Guards have simply one priorty, and that is to protect citizens no matter what the threat. And in recent months there have been quite a few threats to deal with. Between a large criminal organization and the rise of monsters the guard has been quite

Monster Hunters

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A guild dedicated to hunting and killing the various dangerous monsters in the country. There are different factions within the Guild for one to join. One must pass through several trials before being made an official member of the Guild. But there is good pay at the end and a lot of monsters to kill.

Merchants Association

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Quite possibly the most influential organization. The Merchants association can be found all over the country. Being a member gives you special deals and access to items you otherwise would not get. And anyone can join as long as they pay their usual annual fee.

Heroes Guild

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The heroes guild is home to anyone looking for an adventure. From simply quests like message delivery to dealing with dangerous criminals. There are different rankings within the guild itself that determine what level of missions one can undertake.

These are just some of the major and Legal options you have to make coin quick. Of course there are other options available such has odd jobs for various shops and inns. Tarrin also has a very active criminal underworld with plenty of opportunity for those who don't want to be in the limelight.

There are also other cities nearby in the kingdom for you to explore but that require money that you do not currently so best get to work.

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First Boat Arrives

You finally arrive to Tarrin after a long journey. Thankfully everyone on the boat preferred to keep their business private so no one asked question. As soon as you arrived you were hurried off the boats to the land. You are taken through a dark pathway where you see several posters for different guilds looking for people to join as well an advertisement for the Arena. Finally you see a whole bunch of Wanter posters, with rewards ranging from 1000 coins to 100,000 coins. Unfortunately you can only glance and need to get a better look. But you swear someone of the people on the posters were on the boat with you.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2


Měinǚ Eterno: The Vengeful, Runaway Princess - Theme Song

"In the name of my mother, I swear, I will slaughter every single Sonata with my own bare hands, godammit!"


On the surface, Měinǚ Eterno seemed like a perfect candidate for ruling a powerful family. She was pretty, commanding, a powerful solider and seemingly knew the best option for every situation, even if her tomboy side could get in the way sometimes. But that was merely a charade, one which the current Měinǚ doesn't abide by, for that princess was merely a tool for the corrupt to abuse.

Měinǚ, or as she was used to be called, Tiki Sonata, was born into the Sonata family, seemingly destined for greatness. She would perform her regular acts, wake up and change into her regal gown, wander around the enormous, maze like mansion that she called home, get taught by mean teachers in a rigours education system which taught her everything she needed to know in order to run the family, duelled her fellow classmates into submission in both H2H, stealth and swordsmanship, with her prized possession, a trusted sword that was awarded to by her caring mother, to-which she dubbed it Vermillion, and treating said classmates to a stroll around the town, chasing the hottest trends and taking about juicy gossip, as female youth do, ending the day off by going back home and reading her favourite book. It all seemed so...normal to her.

Unbeknownst to Tiki at the time, whilst the Sonata's posed as kind, upstanding members of society, and her mother actually fit that bill to a tee, in actuality her father, Don Sonata, was neck deep in some of powerful, cruelest crime organisations, with the crime lord, Dogen Zaka in particular being a very beneficial sponsor. They did everything a criminal organization could possibly do, slavery, drug dealing, torture, but especially assassination, the Sonata's lived and breathed off of killing whoever the highest bidder asked, and of course, given her natural aptitude for battle, Tiki would be there next troop member.

So when Tiki was 14, she was wondering down the mansion hallways, as one would do, when she she's a peculiar noise coming from a conveniently open door to a room she'd been ordered to never enter unless told. However, as young curiosity would have it, Tiki ignored this command, and waltzed inside, only to find her mother, the one true light in his eternally shadowy family, lying dead on the ground, blood spilled across the weapon adorned walls, and on the other side was her father, a bloody long-sword in his hand. Tiki had only one little thing to say.

"Father, what the hell did you do, you bastard!" As Tiki grabbed her Vermillion and attempted to blitz down Don, blinded by anger (they never were on the best terms to begin with) only to find him effortlessly catch Vermillion with one of his bare hands, nearly shattering the blade should he had wanted to.

"My, my, you've grown quite strong haven't you, little missy. But I'm afraid it's not quite good enough." Don said with utmost calmness, yet his previously friendly demeanour towards Tiki had all but vanished. "I was going to tell you this sooner or later anyways, but might as well tell you now." He goes and sits down on a nearby chair, it being covered in old, uncleaned blood stain , not even giving Tiki a second look. "You see, your mother was being quite a pain, she was constantly begging me not to turn in to one of my subordinates, that peasant blood of hers seem to have left her with a bit of a soft-spot for you, so I had to get rid of her. I was going to make you my little subordinate, you would've had everything you could've ever wanted, but, well, I doubt you'll be agreeing to that now will you?"

This revelation promptly broke Tiki's world, and just like that, everything fell together. The lessons she was taught, the fighting styles she was forced to practice, the powers she inherited from her mother, everything, even her own friends, where all a fabrication built to make her a perfect pawn for her father to use. To which she screamed in fury.

"I swear, on my mother's name, I'll kill all of you assholes, and make you WISH YOU NEVER PISSED ME OFF!" She roared, shaking in frustration, valiantly trying to do some kind of damage to her father.

"Ah, but it would appear that day won't be today now will it?" As footsteps could be heard, the private guard was coming. Knowing she wouldn't win this fight, Tiki dashed out of the window and ran far, far away, to where the guards wouldn't bother trying to chase her, and spend however long it took to be ready to kill Don.

Now, 6 years later, and with the fires of hatred towards all who pretended to be her friends and family still burning strong, Tiki, now going under the alias we know her as today, she was finally ready to return to her old hoe and confront her ex-family. Her title had been stripped, friends have been turned to enemies, and all that remained was too philosophies:

  1. "I fight for myself, and only myself. Who gives a damn what others need, so long as those damn Sonata's burn in the depths of hell!"
  2. "Any spoilt, rich kid twat, murder on sight! Doesn't matter if they claim to be innocent, all of them are parasites who'll bring nothing but an excuse to line their own pockets!"

And so, Měinǚ departs, as this revenge powered, massacre of all things royalty will begin shortly.

TL;DR version:

  1. Ex-heir to the throne of one of the richest yet slimmest families in the kingdom, the Sonata's
  2. After figuring out their shady businesses, that they were trying to condition her into a mindless murderer and the death of her mother, Měinǚ ran away from home as a young teen, swearing revenge of her own father as she trained within the forest she made her home
  3. 6 years later she goes on this ferry in order to slowly but surely gain enough power, knowledge and equipment needed to take down her own father solo
NameMěinǚ Eterno
Personality TraitsA lone wolf who hates/distrusts other people, always responding to those she does talk to with either aggression, snark or plain indifference. Willing to use whatever means to get the job done, and only answers only to those she wishes too. Intelligent and brutal towards carrying out objectives.
LikesBeing alone, putting over-protected rich folk in there place, a good novel

People in general, particularly rich-kids (whom she'll go out of her way to kill), lack of conviction, not getting what she wants out of people


  1. Race - Elf
  2. Class - Mutant
  3. Body - MCU Black Panther
  4. Gear - Stain's Blade (My Hero Academia), but changed to look like Corrin's Omega Yato
  5. Skillset - Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter)
  6. Perk - Yato's inherent invisibility (Noragami)


Abime Huaidan

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Build Information

  • Race: Half Undead Elf
  • Class: Bogatyr
  • Body: Guts
  • Skill: Anime Kakashi
  • Gear:
    • Special item: Twin-Bladed Knife
    • Standard item: Greatsword similar to the pic above but with Dragonslayer thiccness


Abime was born in a rich nobility of high elves in Kingdom of Älva. With his father being a royal guard commander Abime was trained in combat since the very young age. Alva's army was known for their acrobatic and nimble knife combat style with every soldier that came from nobility getting their very own Twin-Bladed Knife, a high tech short weapon enchanced with ancient dark magic that could materialize on a whim thanks to "tattoos" on a user's hand, just a name drop of that weapon induced fear of the unknown in enemies. Abime after getting his own knife at the age of 7 started trainig since then and in just 3 years he was one of the best combatants Alva had to offer . He always loved to fight but his dream wasn't limited to the Kingdom like his father wanted. Ever since he heard stories about dragons, trolls and other giant beasts he wanted to test himself with them in a fight. After every knife training with his father Abime was sneaking out of the house to train some more, this time with the biggest weapon he could find in the armory imagining how would it feel to explore lands outside of Alva and slaying gigantic monsters he would find there.

At the age of 13 Abime couldn't wait anymore to leave the Kingdom so it's no suprise that when king was looking for a messenger he was the first one for the job. The path Abime had to follow was straight forward without any sort of danger but his curiosity took the better of him, he decided to go through the forest, not only was it the longer path but a far more dangerous aswell. Abime knew that, he heard from town folk what forest holds but he didn't see danger in that... but excitement! After wandering about 3 hours and slaying bear and a pack of wolfs kid was already bored and gave up any hopes of finding anything worth while. In that very moment Abime heard something huge bulldozing nearby trees, "finally!" he yelled. But his euphoria quickly stopped. He wasn't scared nor regreted his decision to come here but he wasn't ready for what he saw. A giant mutated monster with blood and dirt all around his mug was the most disgusting image he saw in his life. Terrifying sounds it made weren't helping either. Abime wasn't ready but he couldn't give up, not now when he finally got what he wanted. To this day he don't remembers how he managed to slay the monster, all he remembers is what he had to pay to do it. Found unconscious nearby the forest entry his wounds were critical, no medicine could heal him, all that was left was magic... dark magic.

Couple weeks later he was perfectly healed physically but he was feeling empty and dead inside. The dark ritual took part of his souls to heal his physical body. Not being able to look straight into his father face he left the Kingdom for good. He lost his honor and he needs to find a way to get it back... but what's more important he needs to find a way to feel whole again. He become a monster hunter, after spending near a dozen of years slaying beasts for money he heard of the strongest that ever stomped on Earth. This time he was ready! He picked first ship to Tarrin not even bothering to pay for it. Edral Kingdom is the last chance for Abime to get his honor and humanity back!


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Running. The sounds of battle echo throughout the chambers behind me, the frenzied cries of goblins ringing out in panic and anger as the invaders push into the ruins we made our nest.

Damn it, damn it, damn it. I silently cursed. I had anticipated some retaliation from the humans, but this far exceeded my expectations. Months of work ruined by those filthy wretches! Torture won't be enough to sate me for such outrage! No, that'll be just a start. I'll break them - piece by crunching, bone-splintering piece. Yes, until they're just another slab of meat chained up against the walls to bear my brood. A monstrous grin crossed my face as I thought.

The clanking of metal sounded behind me, piercing my train of concentration. Armored footsteps in pursuit, gaining fast.

Gah! I spat. Persistent if nothing else. I stopped at the entrance to a chamber - viewing in to see the bodies chained against the walls, faintly illuminated by dying fires. Then behind me, to the direction of the approaching invaders. It was dark, but I still could see clear as day in this bleakness. Five of them in total, heading straight for me. Tch, not enough time.

I turned and entered a nearby room. Empty, except for a singular mirror in the center of the room. It's fine. This much is nothing. I just need to get away. Then I can start over and build my nest back up, I thought as I stood in front of the mirror. The mirror looked like any other. It was simple, but large like the kind you'd see in a fitting room. Putting my hand over the reflective surface, pitch black in the darkness, I allowed mana to flow into it. The change was drastic, the surface rippled and glimmered until the light grew into an overwhelming brilliance. It doesn't matter where. So long as I can build anew, anywhere will do. A devilish grin swept my face once more. Ah~ What will their reactions be when I return? That delicious terror in their eyes as their songs escape in guttural tune~ What will their torment sound like~ How will it taste~ The final thoughts towards the future, as the light twisted and warped the surroundings to a new, and unsuspecting world.

Personality: A sadistic goblin who fancies himself superior to others, regardless of circumstances. Holds life-long grudges. Strives for world conquest and the domination of the other races.

Likes: To indulge in the torment and terror of those he believes beneath him, which frankly includes anyone outside of himself and his blood. Apples. Precious stones, particularly onyx.

Dislikes: Being insulted/slighted. The pride and arrogance of others. Being interrupted. The concept of currency.

Race: Other(Goblin)

Class: Mage

Physicals: Composite Goblin from "Goblin Slayer"

Skillset: Rukia Kuchiki;

  • Hainawa
  • Geki
  • Rikujokoro
  • Shakkaho


No Caption Provided

Gan Ainm

Race - Nephilim

Class - Bogatyr

Body - Himura Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin)

Skillset - Kurogane Ikki (Rakudai)

Special Gear - Izuru Kira's Shikai but in shape of katana (Bleach)

Normal Gear - Light Chain Mail

Backstory (sorry I got really into it):

Born to a peasant family, Gan grew up living a simple, humble life. The son of a farmer, taking after his father was his only priority in life, and the only future that seemed available to him. Until the war started, anyway. As a teen, he was swept up by the patriotic propaganda and rushed to enlist in the army. To fight for his country, and protect those he held dear to him from the savages across the seas. He learnt how to swing a blade just well enough to get by, got saddled up with armour slightly too big to fit him properly, and was shoved on a cramped ship to go to a far off land and kill people from a country he didn't know existed six months ago. What awaited him on the exotic shores of a far off land was the furthest thing from protecting his family, and the furthest thing from 'patriotism' that Gan could imagine. He wanted to leave. But he couldn't. He wanted to go home. But he couldn't. He wanted to take over the farm and live a simple life away from this needless bloodshed. But he couldn't. Gan had made his bed, and now he had no choice but to lie in it and hope he wasn't killed in his sleep.

Gan spent two years skirmishing on the front lines. He had hoped to be promoted enough to be part of the strategists. To push pieces on a board and think about death tolls and numbers as mere statistics, but Gan wasn't lucky enough to be seen by them. Or at least that's what he told himself. The truth is, the strategists come from the noble families. The rich families. The families who's sons wanted to experience war but who were deemed as too important to die. Gan, on the other hand, was nothing more than a peasant that barely knew how to read and write, let alone form coherent military strategies. So he fought with the rest of the statistics. He was part of the blocks that were pushed on boards and had no choice but to go where the powers that be told him to go.

War is bloody. It's not something that should be celebrated, and it's not something to have pride in. War is violent, and ugly, and is the epitome of everything that isn't beautiful in this world. No sword could be seen as beautiful, or elegant, or as anything more than a crude weapon to end the lives of people whose names you don't even know. If nothing else, Gan was certain of this. It was a fervent belief that he would argue with anyone over, from the greatest tacticians to the most important kings. It was a belief he would always hold. It was a belief he thought he would always hold. It was everything to him. Until he changed his mind.

Battles were usually fought on wide open fields. It's not often that Gan saw anything but fields, and half-destroyed cities after a battle had been won. It's not often that a soldier is selected to be part of the small squad that goes up into the mountains to meet the members of the Luxian dojo and 'peacefully aid' them into the next life. Gan would normally never wish to be a part of such a mission. Gan would usually object with all his might, even if it ended up with him in a prison cell. But Gan was tired. He wanted to see something apart from fields coated with red and cities that could barely support life anymore. He wanted to know there was still beauty in this world, if only for a moment. So when he was selected, he went.

Arriving at the dojo, the men got to work. The students fell easily enough. In fact, many of them didn't even draw their weapons or put up a fight. Gan thought that maybe they'd never actually fought someone seriously before. They reminded him of himself before he came here, back on the farm with his father. He wondered how his father was doing back home. Biting his tongue and gritting his teeth, he put the thought to the back of his mind and continued with the mission. After the students fell, the only member left was the master of the dojo. They were known as "Sifus," Gan recalled. He had heard many stories about them, but they had never been on the battlefields that Gan was oh so familiar with. They were supposed to be great masters, with strength enough to beat any number of foes without breaking a sweat. The group approached the kneeling Sifu, glad that the job was nearly over. Maybe they could rest in the dojo for a few hours before they'd have to burn it down. Gan didn't believe the stories, and neither did the men he was with. They would soon wish they did.

Beautiful. That was the only thing Gan could recall of what followed. The glint of the blade, reflected by the light of the rising sun made it seem as if the sun had risen to for no other reason than to bear witness to the event. The strokes of the blade were perfect. There were no imperfections. No wasted movements. It was as if time had stopped for all things on this Earth but the Sifu and his sword. After all of a handful of seconds, the fight, if it could even be called that, had concluded. The men Gan arrived with lay dead at the Sifus feet. A man who had gotten engaged before leaving on the promise that he would marry upon his return. A boy, younger than Gan himself who had arrived only a few weeks ago. A man raising money to buy a fishing boat and open his own business. So many stories ended without cause. Without reason. Without being able to say goodbye to anyone they knew or cared about. This was war. This was still war. So why did Gan find it so beautiful? It was an answer he could not reach. He snapped back to reality when he noticed the Sifu slowly closing the distance between them, and Gan listened to his base instincts. He followed his subconscious and did the only thing he thought would allow him to survive. He ran.

He ran. He ran, and ran, and ran, and ran, and ran. He fell, slipping on a rock and tumbling down a rock face. He landed heavily on his side, shattering his arm. He didn't feel the pain. He got up and continued to run. Somewhere. Anywhere but here. He collapsed from exhaustion several hours later. Only then did he begin to calm down. Lying face first in the snow, Gan didn't have the strength to keep on moving. He was hungry. He was thirsty. But more than that, he was cold. So cold. Saying that it would rest for but a moment, only a moment, he closed his eyes.

Gan woke in a strange hut. Somewhere he didn't know. Somewhere he had never seen before. Exploring his surroundings, he realised that he was in a dojo. A dojo, but not one the one he was just in. He would later learn that he had been saved by a Sifu and brought back to be nursed back to health. He would later learn that a Sifu would never turn someone from their dojo away. He would later learn that a Sifu would only raise a weapon to teach others or defend their own lives. He would later learn that if he and his group had just left the dojo alone, they would have never left the mountain, and would have never become a threat for the army, as the tacticians had feared. He would learn so many things about the people that he had thought were savages. He would once again find beauty in the world, and would, for the first time, find beauty in his own blade, and beauty within himself, in spite of what he had done.

Gan stayed there for five years, learning all that he could. He heard that his army had left at some time during his training. It was no surprise to him that nobody had come looking. He was presumed dead, and it was too late to return home now. If he didn't then, he might as well have been dead, and if he did, then it would come to light that he was a deserter, and Gan would be made to wish he would have died that day.

Gan was a natural with a blade. He was able to pick up techniques and methods of combat through viewing his Sifu perform the movements a single time. It made him wonder about 'techniques,' if they could even be called that, that he was forced to learn before being shipped out here in the first place. If nothing else he was glad that the problem had seemed to come from his instructor, and not himself.

During Gan's training, he had become close with his Sifu, an old man who looked much too frail to even care for himself, let alone be a grandmaster with a blade. For reasons that even Gan was not aware of, his Sifu decided to entrust him with the dojo's blade, a sword that was supposedly crafted from the soul of a beast that could manipulate gravity at will. Upon calling its name, the blade doubled the weight of all thing that touched it. Gan, like most peasants, was only familiar with magic to the point that he was aware of its existence. As such, he had no idea how the blade worked, but he gracefully accepted his Sifu's gift.

Mere days after Gan had received the gravity blade Wabisuke, his Sifu passed away peacefully and in his sleep. After paying his respects and laying his Sifu to rest in the traditional manner, Gan decided that he had learnt all he could from this magnificent country that he once hated so much. Endeavouring to see as much of the beauty of the world as he could, he sorted the few belongings he still possessed from his army day and made his way to the city before boarding the first passing boat he could see and taking it to lands unknown, excited for what he may find. How has the world changed in the years since he had seen it last? Gan couldn't wait to find out.

Theme Song


Vince M or "M"

No Caption Provided

For most of his life Vince had only been with his mother. His father was killed while he was young, and his mother worked hard to support both Vince and herself. It didn't take very long for his mother or Vince to figure out he was a mutant. When he ran into a door and when he fell down there was 2 of him, and his copy had a completely different personality from Vince's.

After trial and error it was determined that Vince could make clones of himself whenever he generated or was struck by kinetic force. Vince also realized he could absorb the memories and skills of his clones. While he was working around the house he would send clones to learn sword fighting and different combat styles.

At age 8 Vince and his mother noticed Wings were growing on his back, Vince's mom would say it was because his dad was Avarian, the wings would continue to grow as Vince grew.

Around age 10 Vince noticed an M was "inked" onto his face, a side effect of his mutation and it could not be removed. Vince decided to change his last name to "M" and would go by that for the rest of his life. A distinguishing characteristic.

When Vince hit 18 he decided to leave his home in search of riches to escape his impoverished life style. He illegally booked passage to the port of Tarrin and awaited his arrival

Race: Half-Avarian

Trait: 616 Angel's wings (cleared with ET)

Class: Mutant

Body: Grifter

Skill: Backlash

Gear: 1 metal Whip

Power: Multiple Man's Duplication (limit to 5 clones)


Jill Kathleen

No Caption Provided


NameJill Kathleen
LikesHelping other people, learning new things, practicing magic.
DislikesCrowds, mindless monsters, fighting, stupid rules and beliefs.
PersonalityShy, awkward, curious.


I was born from a normal Nephilim family in Edral. All of my family members are mages, so I was also trained to be one. Unlike the rest of Nephilims, I don't like fighting, and I don't hate the elves as much as the others do... I mean, the problem was with our ancestors, right? It didn't have anything to do with us.

Since I was little, I heard a lot of stories about Tarrin slowly becoming the most dangerous place in the kingdom.There was something odd about that place, like it was calling me. Ever since I was 13 years old, I kept having weird dreams about a cursed building. The only thing that I could remember vividly from the dream was a tall building with no window, in a place called Tentra Street. In each dream, different person would enter the building and get snatched away by a dark creature that I couldn't identify. Actually, the only thing that I could actually identify from the creature was its large eye. After devouring the victims, that scary eye looked at me, and that's where my dream ended every time. I knew for a fact that Tentra Street was located in Tarrin.

In my family's belief, reoccurring nightmares could mean bad things. I didn't want them to worry about me, so I never told them about the dream. In fact, I never even told anyone about it. I learnt apparition since I was 15, but my father charmed my whole family with anti-apparition spell to certain locations, and Tarrin was one of them. The purpose of the spell was to protect us if someone tried to force apparate us to dangerous locations. Conveniently making me unable to magically travel to Tarrin. The only thing that could break the charm was if I set foot on Tarrin myself.

One day, I heard that an illegal ship was going to sail to Tarrin. I decided to go. I had to... I had to know what was actually going on. I was aware of the risk, but I couldn't let this opportunity go to waste. My family tried to stop me, saying that it was too dangerous. They were not wrong by any mean, but that was the risk I was willing to take. I immediately apparated to the ship when it was about to sail. I didn't bother to buy a ticket nor even pay for the trip since this wasn't legal anyway. So there I was, sailing to the most dangerous place in the kingdom to find out the truth about my reoccurring nightmare. I don't know what's gonna happen, but I'm hoping for the best.


Column HeadColumn Head
BodyDCEU Batman
SkillCW Arrow
MagicApparition, Reducto, Crucio, Alohomora, Appare Vestigium


No Caption Provided

Character Overview:

Overview:Saoirse Ó Conaill
Hair/Eye Color:Black hair, blue eyes
Personality:She's a wild tomboy with a short fuse, and a love for the drink
Likes:Roughing up rich pricks and taking their toys, whiskey
Dislikes:Aristocrats, Litterers, People who abuse animals



Saoirse grew up an orphan on the streets, begging and thieving to keep her stomach full and clothes on her body. It wasn't long before she was taken in and trained by a local thieves guild who saw potential in the thin stick of a girl. The younger members of the guild soon came to be like older brothers, teaching her to lie, cheat, steal, and fight. She could take a beating better than most, a necessity growing up with her adoptive brothers whose methods could be rough at times. One night during a heist she was captured by the lord they had attempted to steal from, but instead of being killed she was given a choice. She could serve the lord, or she could bare her neck to the headsman. Should she agree to serve him, the lord would provide for her every need. His master-at-arms would train her to be a full-fledged warrior; but with the condition that she would use her skills as a thief, and a warrior to take back that which was taken from him. Of all the weapons she studied, the spear felt most perfect in her hand, as if it had always belonged there, an extension of her body. It was this weapon that she would master, earning the right to wield Gae Buidhe, the cursed spear, on her quest.

Build Overview:

  • Race: Nephilim
  • Class: Bogatyr
  • Body: Snake-Eyes
  • Skillset: Cu Cuhlainn
  • Gear: Gae Buidhe + A dagger


Viola Hampton; The Baroness

"Maybe if you'd fought like a man you wouldn't have lost to a woman, eh?"

No Caption Provided

Build Information

  • Race: Human/Juvala (Other)
  • Class: Mutant
  • Body: Batman w/6 Arms (Spiral's Arms are my OTHER RACE modification)
  • Skill: Bullseye
  • Power: Spider-Man's Spider Sense
  • Gear: Bow & Arrows w/Quiver

Story Information

The Baroness has lived her life on the seas, truly. Her mother, a captive of a legendary Dread Pirate, gave birth while stowed away in the hull during a great and massive storm. The captain, declaring it an omen to kill any born aboard a ship, adopted the girl and taught her everything he knew. Unfortunately for him, he taught her too well, and at the age of 16 she overthrew the pirate in the midst of battle, leading a mutiny and claiming the position as captain for herself. She then rose to infamy among the ranks of other pirates and became the subject of ghost stories that sailors would tell one another while out on the seas.

Things were going well for the Baroness, too well, if she had learned anything from her own rise to power then it was that those serving you are always looking for a chance to kill you; and because of this, she had adapted a sort of danger sense. It might be because of the storm, or maybe it was something her mother had passed onto her, but the Baroness always knew when danger was near, which explains how she'd escaped her ship the night her second in command tried to overthrow her. Jumping overboard the Baroness floated in the sea for days on end, clinging to a barrel, wondering each day if it were to be her last.

Finally, suddenly, she saw a ship, a cargo ship, carrying people, things, it wasn't well armed and it was better than the water she'd been resting in, and so, she climbed aboard. Her next journey was a mystery to her, but as long as she lived to sail another day she was happy, and so she would, she would sail right into Tarrin and begin again.

Second Boat


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  • Name: Támerlein
  • Profession: Freelancer spy and assassin
  • Race: Elf
  • Class: Bogatyr
  • Body: FOX Deadpool
  • Skillset: Green Arrow (Post Crisis, New 52, Rebirth)
  • Gear: Head Key, longbow + arrows

Background: In the distant province where he came from, Támerlein was known on the streets only by name and reputation. He was a legendary spy and assassin, affordable only to few. His specialty was in learning intel, and making people forget things, without shedding a single drop of blood as evidence, but that doesn't mean he isn't a skilled killer as well.

Támerlein's many rivals, seeking to take his place as the top assassin and spy in the province, formed an alliance to take him out. They fooled him by impersonating as a client and luring him into a trap. After eliminating more than half of them in a fierce battle and pursuit that ensued, Támerlein decided that staying in the province isn't worth it, and he decided to take his business elsewhere, where he will rise to the top of his trade once more.


Anastasia Beatrix

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  • Race - Elf
  • Class - Bogatry
  • Body - Cassidy Crawford
  • Skill - Afro Samurai
  • Gear - Adamantium Katana

Backstory (TL;DR version)

Born into crushing poverty, Anastasia's father sold her into sex slavery when she was just 13 years old, in order to pay for his debts and support the rest of the family's expenses. She grew up with no will of her own, and no experience of freedom. Subjected to cruelty and shunned by society, all Anastasia ever knew was pain.

Then one day, she was freed by a knight of her native Kingdom, and recruited to a special militant group of mercenaries who travel from land to land, inciting revolutions and granting freedom to the oppressed. The next destination on her ongoing quest is the Kingdom of Testrana.


No Caption Provided

"You may pray to the gods if you wish, just know they are on my side,"

Aralim; Disciple of Light-Theme Song

Sent to the church at a young age, Aralim never had the chance to live what one would call a "normal" life. Violent and confused yet weak and clever, he was clearly in need of discipline and quickly otherwise he'd live a life of sin so terrible, not even the gods themselves could redeem him. And so the priests did, purging his young body and mind with divine energies and thoughts over the course of several years ultimately forcing him into a mighty and righteous weapon. At the age of 17, he had already become one of the leading Paladins of his country, earning the right to wield one of the church's blessed artifacts and had a was a respected individual in any formal meeting. However, one thing plagued his thoughts, the amount of sin in this world was disgusting. Evil criminals and vile demons ran amok with seemingly no retribution. "I will show these people the light, whether they embrace it or burn in it will be up to them." And with this, he had his mission. Save or eviscerate the souls of all evildoers. And what better way to do this than to go to the most sinful city in all the lands.

Personality-key points

  • As a holy warrior, he never misses a chance to talk about his many gods.
  • He usually walks with grace and benevolence, however, he has been known to be quick to anger and violence especially when faced against demonkind.
  • He fights with a sense of honor and chivalry though against those he considers irredeemable, anything goes.


  • Race: Lightforged
  • Trait: N52 Hawkman's wings
  • Class: Bogatyr
  • Body: Diablo Monk
  • Skill: Moon Knight
  • Special gear: Ashbringer
  • Gear: Plate armor


No Caption Provided

Tigraloth Felleyes

  • Backstory: Little Tyolk was born to an average family that made a living in a village, Rivenholme, situated in a bog. His mother utilized medicine and small bits of unconventional folk magic as the village's wise woman. Tyolk learned much from his mother concerning the benign study of the small miracles of nature. The village saw him like the rest of his family as a weird yet welcome people that has saved or helped more than a few of the Rivenholme's people. Unfortunately disaster struck Rivenholme not too long after Tyolk 's tenth birthday. A demon ran uninhibited through the village. No one knew who summoned it nor what its mission was, but it did end up slaughtering everyone in sight. Tyolk tried his best to fend off the demon using an ancient warding sign passed down through his family. This only served to amuse the creature. It snatched up little Tyolk and took him somewhere. Maybe it was hell, or a simple pocket dimension or a hideout it personally kept in our plane of existence. This forever remained a mystery as the demon was never seen again and what did return back would never speak of the time before he became Tigraloth Felleyes.
    A trickster and Liminal magician by trade, Tigraloth has caroused his way from village to village, city to city offering his services to take care of his needs and partaking in small japes in between to take care of his entertainment. By pure coincidence Tigraloth found himself in Tarrin. Not that he particularly cares for where he is. He always knows where he can squeeze out a little fun.
  • Race: Other-Demontouched
  • Body: Aang(A:TLA)
  • Skill-set: Viren(Dragon Prince)
  • Gear: Assorted ingredients/trinkets needed for dark magic

@red_ruby_petal (I need a background from you)

Scoot, Eli, and Bart

No Caption Provided



NameMěinǚ Eterno
AgeAll Of Them twins 10 years old
Personality TraitsStupid, but smart at the same time. They excel at engineering mines
LikesHaving fun and big explosions

Not seeing explosions and alchemy


  1. Race - Goblins
  2. Class - Artificer
  3. Body - Ange, Princess Principal
  4. Gear - Bombs
  5. Skillset - Fatman from MGS 2
  6. Perk - Techies mines


Goran Isceradin

No Caption Provided

Character Overview:

Overview:Goran Isceradin
Hair/Eye Color:Dark brown hair, light brown eyes
Personality:Known for his air of mystery, Goran is a distant and reserved man, showing his emotions only to his closest companions. He is noticeably pragmatic, willing and able to exact whatever means necessary to achieve a desired end. Though he bears a title of utmost honor, he isn't opposed to wet work, conversely being completely apathetic to the spilling of blood. His willpower is unshakable and his conviction absolute; even with his name slandered twice, in both cases, he seeks primarily the restoration of the Kaldwin lineage to the throne.

Theme Song


Goran was born into a lower class family in the Batista Mining District of Karnaca on the 25th day of the Month of Nets in 1798. Goran used to live happily, often wandering through the more rural parts of the city until his father, a lumber worker, was killed in a workplace accident. He then grew up with his elder sister Beatrici, fighting in the streets, until she moved to Morley and the family subsequently lost all contact with her.

At the age of 16, Goran won the Blade Verbena, an annual sword duel festival, which earned him an early officer ranking in the Grand Serkonan Guard. During his time as a soldier, Goran was involved in conflicts against several organized crime groups including rogue city states and pirate bands on the island chain east from Serkonos.

Eventually, after two years of service, Theodanis Abele, the Duke of Serkonos, became highly impressed by his skill, and on the 28th day of the Month of Rain, Goran was sent to Dunwall to serve the Emperor Euhorn Kaldwin as a diplomatic gift. On his last night in Karnaca, he danced and drank until dawn, celebrating his new position and his skill as a swordsman that had given it to him. A few months after his departure to Dunwall, Goran learned about the passing of his mother Paloma, a few weeks after he had left Karnaca.

A year later, Goran was chosen to serve as Royal Protector to the Emperor's daughter, Jessamine Kaldwin, which in the process gave him a higher social status. Goran since loyally served Jessamine as her personal bodyguard, courier, and spy.

Goran and Jessamine secretly became lovers in 1823. However, their lasting closeness did not go unnoticed by the general public, and rumors to that effect circulated throughout Dunwall. While several people (including Lydia Brooklaine, Treavor Pendleton, and Anton Sokolov) mention the affair to Goran , it is never publicly acknowledged. Four years later, Emily was born from their relationship, though her paternal parentage was initially kept secret. Despite this situation, Goran maintained a strong bond with his daughter and often publicly interacted with her in a familiar and affectionate manner. Emily's behavior toward Goran suggests that she sees him as a father figure, and she often asks to be taught by him.

Goran is described as being mysterious and quiet, with Wallace Higgins and Treavor Pendleton claiming that despite his high social standing, those of the court know little about him.

Build Overview:

  • Race: Nephilim
  • Class: Mage
  • Body: Bucky Barnes
  • Skillset: Corvo Attano (Dishonored)


No Caption Provided

Name: Dran

Class: Mage

Race: Kishin

Body: Jin Kazaragi

Skill: Haruto Soma

  • Bind
  • Extend
  • Liquid
  • Copy
  • Defend

Race Trait: Demon wings

Backstory: Being a Demon God in these times is tough so what is one supposed to do but bind their power to be as weak as possible to live amongst the lesser species for a bit of fun. If he happens to achieve fortune and fame along the way who is he to complain.


Kyvek Dunspar

No Caption Provided


  • Race- Orc
  • Class- Bogatyr
  • Body- Ultimate Hawkeye
  • Gear- Zar'Roc + Standard Leather Armor.
  • Skillset- Sunny
  • Alignment- Lawful Neutral

The son of a great warchief, Kyvek was born smaller than his kin. Because of this, he was left on the side of a hill to die, only to be found by a wandering mercenary, Dale, and raised as his own son. Years later, after learning his heritage, Kyvek returned to his homeland, to face his own father in combat. However, upon arrival, he was shocked to find that the warchief was not his father, but instead his mother, Bludhild. In the ensuing fight to the death, Kyvek reigned victorious, and led the tribe for a short but bloody year. Growing tired of the bloodshed, in the middle of the night, Kyvek left his tribe, and came to Edral, seeking a better path. What that will be, he does not know.

Third Boat


No Caption Provided
  • Name: Ayzen
  • Race: Halfling (Half Human / Half unknown)
  • Race Trait: Eyes of Magic Detection (Example: If someone uses a spell that shoots fire from they're hand, Ayzen will see the Magic gathering in the hand.)
  • Class: Bogatyr
  • Special Item: Asta's anti magic sword
  • Normal Item: Steel Breastplate
  • Body: TBD
  • Skill: Kenshin Himura

Indra was born on a farm out in the boonies, his Father a human who's expertise lies in swordsmanship and a Elf of a Mother. Indra didn't always go by this name he was born by the name Ayzen but, because of the backwards thinking in the boonies Ayzen was seen as an abomination a "mudblood" or "dirtyblood" they saw him as a vile creature that shouldn't exist. On one fateful night a psychopathic mage who believes all demi humans and sub humans are beneath himself targeted Ayzen's household burning it to the ground and killing his parents with fire magic. Driven by his fury and anguish Ayzen created the alias "Indra" and true to the mythology he seeks to rid the world of the "Evil" that is Magic. Indra knows that not all Magic is evil so he seeks knowledge and to gain knowledge he needed to seek a more advanced civilization than the boonies he called home, so he set forth and headed for the land called "Tarrin"


Marco Sage

No Caption Provided


Marco Sage was a son of a nobleman who was reasonably wealthy. Because of this Marco got into a prestigious mage academy to train him in the art of spell casting. At this academy Marco got very high scores and made friends quickly. One of these friends introduced him to a secret mage cult named the Order of the 9. Marco started going to meetings and eventually became a full fledged member of the Order. The Order of the 9 had a prophecy believing that their founder "Dogma" would reincarnate as one of their members and lead them once again. A few months into him joining whispers circled that Marco was the reincarnation of Dogma because of how quickly he learned and mastered spells at his young age. All they needed to do was cut his heart out. It was said when the Chosen One's heart was freed from his body the spirit of Dogma would inhabit his body and lead the Order once again. When Marcos loyalty to the Order was tested he failed, not wanting to die a horrible death he fled the Order of the 9, but the Order will not let their chosen one go so easily. Marco now finds himself on a boat heading for Tarrin, hoping to evade the Order of the 9 in the big city, and find something to do until the Order forgets about him and leaves him alone.

Motivations: His own survival, protecting people, enjoying life, beautiful women

Character Flaws: Overconfident, has a fetish for succubi making him especially vulnerable to their seduction

Likes: Drinking, Flirting with woman/sleeping with said woman, art, music, dance, spell casting, learning new spells, studying magical items, and his favorite drink is elven rum

Dislikes: The Order of 9, the way dwarves smell, any kind of orcish alcohol, waking up to realize that a succubus stole all his stuff...again, beautiful women with boyfriends/husbands, ZOMBIES!!!!

Body: Sub-Zero

Skill: Dack Fayden

Class: Mage

Race: Nemphlin

Spells: Invisibility, Flash Bang, Electromancy, Psychometry, Vampiric Control


Ryuga Hikari

No Caption Provided


Despite being the youngest child of one of the most wealthiest families in the country, Ryuga had always believed he was destined for greatness! Having access to many of his family's assets and resources Ryuga was raised both pompously and spoiled. His parents had hired the best of tutors and seers to ensure that his education was top notch, but due to his ill-stubborn nature he outright refused the aid of all his tutors.

Despite not studying under the aid of any tutors he made decent progress in his academics, but always found himself pushed down to third or fourth place in the regional rankings, and last among all his siblings. Prideful in his nature, he believed his natural talent was greater than any, and that studying under others was a sign of weakness and incompetence!

At around the age of ten, while deeply traversing the family catacombs, he came across a hidden chamber, one that can only be accessed by those of the Hikari lineage. Inside he found an ancient relic, which upon contact, gave him access to 'supernatural' abilities that closely resembled magic. Ever since gaining these abilities Ryuga was all the more confident in his self proclaimed 'destiny' and decided to train his abilities in secret. Access to his family's forest estate proved fruitful for his training, allowing him to keep his skills and abilities hidden while slowly enhancing his strength.

With his newfound power, Ryuga turned colder and darker to those around him, often lashing out at his servants and family members, especially his older siblings. This lead to him being outcast by his parents, deeming him to be too unstable to be part of the Hikari fortune. His stubborn mentality combined with his utter lack of morals made him too unstable to entrust with the future of the Hikari lineage.

Outraged at his parents decision, Ryuga slaughtered his way through the Hikari estate, killing off all the guards, slaves, servants, siblings , and even his own parents. After killing his family with his bare hands, all sense of humanity completely absolved, leaving him with an insatiable desire for blood, power, and glory beyond the mortal limits.

A year later, a mysteriously dressed man was seen boarding a ship, his face hidden under a cloak. A few guards asked him for his identity. Their bodies are yet to be found!

NameRyuga Hikari
PersonalityArrogant, rude and prideful in nature. Is extremely paranoid and does not trust anyone but himself. Will run from any fight he feels he does not have full confidence of winning. Likes exploiting others misfortunes and using it against them. Likes to be the one that pulls the strings of the outcome, often leading to him avoiding the center stage of attention. Can not handle peaceful or quiet environments and will actively choose to cause mass havoc. Treats other races rudely, often by calling them insulting names, or by insinuating generalizations of their race. (A.K.A He's an edgy boi!)
LikesExplosions, Books, Training, Power, Fire, Lightning, Sex, and Murder
DislikesBooze, Peace, Silence, Nephilims, Orcs, Mutants, Tutors/Teachers, Hierarchies, and Public Gatherings
AllianceChaotic Evil

Race --> Elf

Class --> Mage

Body --> Ryuga (From the image provided)

Gear --> Tiny Pins, Needles and Knives

Spell Set -->


No Caption Provided

Name: Raelius Blackthorn

Race: Other: Moonshadow Elf (Relative Invisibility in direct Moonlight)

Class: Mutant

Body - Drizzt Do'Urden

Skillset - Storm Shadow

Gear - Elven Longbow

Power - Calm-Calm Fruit

Bio: Betrayed and framed by suspicious neighbors Raelius spent twelve long years in prison for a crime he did not commit. For seven of those years, he cultivated thoughts of revenge, training his body and mind daily to bring pain to those who had wronged him. Unlocking powers he never knew he had, Raelius pushed himself beyond all bodily limits. One fateful day however he was saved from losing himself to vengeance by a random act of kindness. Feeling freed from his obsession he was relieved, but also devastated at all the effort he had put into revenge. So as not to feel it was all for naught he adopted a new crusade, to protect the innocent from the harms of a cruel world. It is this drive that has brought him from the realm of his birth to Tarrin, a breeding ground of suffering and corruption.


"What's this I hear about gods?" She lifted a gold coin. "There is but one god."

Lilith Laveau

  • Race: Succubus
  • Class: Mutant
  • Body: Ajax/Francis (with poison saliva)
  • Skill: Kuroki Gensai (from Kengan Ashura)
  • Power: Zuo Tianchen (from The Last Human)
  • Gear: Ōdachi
  • Theme: "Teeth" (https://youtu.be/e2y6bYWNHWs)


Lilith was born of a human girl - a farmer's daughter - and an incubus. Not long after her birth, her mother was burnt at the stake after it was discovered that she had had sex with a devil. The incubus who fooled her mother was never found. Her ashen remains were to be thrown out to sea so that nothing would remain, but Lilith's grandfather arranged for her bones to be stolen and buried before that.

The young girl and her family moved to a small village far away so that Lilith wouldn't hear of what happened. Her aunt and uncle raised her as their own daughter and she called them 'mother' and 'father.' She grew up strong, free, and very happy. She was even pledged to be married to a local boy - the son of a wealthy travelling merchant - who was entranced by her beauty of both body and soul. On her sixteenth birthday, however, her aunt and uncle decided to tell her the story of her mother and her heritage. They wished for her to know this since soon she would become a woman and leave the village to be married.

What she heard broke her heart. She left town and headed to a goddess' shrine to ask for guidance. Her prayers went unanswered. Disappointed, she returned to her town only to find out an epidemic had wiped out her family to the last man. Not only that, her husband, hearing the news of the disease and ceasing to receive answers to his letters, feared that she had died. He was pressured by his father to find a new bride and that he did. As such, Lilith was left with no family, no husband, no guidance from above.

She would walk around from place to place, never managing to sink any roots. Her work gave her no satisfaction. The men she met only wanted her body - her thighs, or her breasts, or her looks... - but not her mind. Never her mind. So she learned to despise them also. When that change occured, as if driven by instinct, she learned to be their master.

NameLilith Laveau
LikesWine, gold, cute things, animals, (and surprisingly) cooking.
DislikesWicked men, ugly things, base humor, incubi, gods.
PersonalitySeductive, scheming, empathetic, ironic.



Ragnos: Priest of Sin &Shadow

No Caption Provided

Build Information:

  • Race: Nephilim
  • Class: Bogatyr
  • Body: DCYou/Rebirth Deathstroke
  • Skillset: Deathstroke
  • Special Item: Azrael's Sword of Sin
  • Gear: Titanium Staff

Bio & Background:

You will serve" That was the first thing the man named Ragnos could remember. The second was the woman. He remembered her practically dragging him out of the temple ruins to the light. He didn't very much enjoy the light, or at least that what it felt like. "You were meant to be their weapon" she said. "To be their tool for the Cleansing.

I couldn't bear it anymore, every night I saw what they did to you, your screams, and how empty your eyes were each night" I only brought you there because they promised they could heal you. I'm so sorry."

That was the third thing, her tears. She seemed so soft, so gentle to him, he was drawn to her; he found himself unable to be without her, and she him. They spent time together and that time grew into a love he never knew, until he remembered the fourth thing. "YOU WILL SERVE" He awoke. There was a chill in the night air, and blood on his hands. Her blood. The woman lay dead at his feet. Then the fifth and final memory returned. "WE BIND YOU TO THIS PACT OF SHADOWS."

He screamed for hours.

When he finally regained his sanity, he made a vow, he would take a new name modeled after his memories of darkness, find those who created him, and take vengeance.


Walter deGray

No Caption Provided


  • Race: Nephilim
  • Class: Artificer
  • Body: 616 Blade
  • Gear: DC Scarecrow
  • Skill: Sanji


By all accounts, Walter deGray hit the birthright jackpot. Born into the wealthy and ancient deGray family in the prosperous merchant kingdom of Aseiri, he seemed set for a lifetime of leisure.

Except, there was one small hiccup. He was only the youngest son of the third heir to the vast deGray fortune.

Not that young Walter minded. He spent his childhood lounging around the sprawling family estate, getting trained in the arts of war from the best masters that money could buy, and, somewhat unusually for a noble, indulging his passion for chemistry and the culinary. In spite of being a fairly prodigious fighter, it was really young Walter's prowess in the kitchen and the estate apothecary which made him stand out.

But then, alas! Tragedy struck. On Walter's 18th birthday, every single member of the deGray clan besides Walter himself fell victim to a mysterious affliction that claimed them all. Some say it was poison, some call it God's wrath, yet others whisper rumors of witchcraft and the dark arts.

Walter was left in the unenviable position of being the only surviving heir to the deGray estate, a role he took to with surprising adeptness for a mere 18 year old. Within a few years, the deGray coffers were overflowing like never before. Putting his youthful good looks and debonair charm to good use, Walter soon became the toast of Aseiri, seemingly putting his tragedy ridden past behind him.

Just when things were going a little too well for both Walter and Aseiri, the kingdom seemed to be plagued by a new,invisible, menace. People were dropping dead like flies in the hundreds, ostensibly out of nowhere, in a manner eerily similar to what slaughtered the deGrays 5 years ago. Nobody had an answer, nobody had a cure.

It was then that Walter remembered Edral, the legendary "City of Everything", the "Fulcrum of the Universe" that he had read of in old, dusty alchemy tomes of yore. Determined to find a cure for the mysterious, unstoppable disease, Walter set out for Edral, in search of answers...


No Caption Provided


  • Race: Other (Fae; Capable of subsonic flight)
  • Class: Mage
  • Body: Delilah (Luther Strode)
  • Spells: Sarah Bloodlily (Rakudai)
    • Trick Art (Allows the user to easily copy anything they see or have seen onto a Canvas)
    • Color of Magic (Allows the user to buff themselves with various effects)
    • Purple Caricature (Allows the user to bring the things they've drawn to life)
  • Gear: (Free) Brush of Demiurge, a painting set.


  • Lili (Lee-Lee) is from a race of fairies that were here before the first men, the first elves and everything that came after. She is only around seventy years old, still considered a toddler as far as fairies go. She travels the land to help those in need, as she believes the world to be too cruel.
  • Likes: Art, Music, Cats, New People
  • Dislikes: Meanies, Thunderstorms

Alright tell you have a few options for your first move. You can go back to look at the wanted posters more quickly, you can go to nearest inn looking for work and locations for the guild, you can head to Arena or you can just explore the city.

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Is this where I sign up?

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Not wasting any time Abime goes to the monster hunter guild to check what monsters he can expect in Edral, how much money he can get for killing them and what additional assets could the guild provide to him.

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As Iron Sharpens Iron


Saoirse frowned, a wisp of black hair falling across her face. The time on the ship has dulled my edge. Confident as she was, she was well aware she would need to hone her skills for the journey ahead. She was arrogant perhaps, but she was no fool. The lithe young woman drew a hand across her face, putting the lock back in place behind her ear. "Hey you sir", she approached an elderly man wrestling with a barrel of fish. "Where does one go to test themselves in battle around here?" She had seen a poster for an arena but hadn't caught its location as she passed by.

The man looked puzzled for a moment, then drew a ragged hand across his sunburnt brow, wiping perspiration from his skin. "I 'spose yer lookin' fer the arena" He squinted, pointing off in the distance. "But a dainty thing like yerself shouldn't bother with such things."

"Don't worry old man, I can take care of myself", she replied reassuringly, leaning on the walking stick in her hands, swaddled in cloth. "I appreciate your concern though, really." Her blue eyes flashed brilliantly as she thanked him for his help and made her way down the dingy cobblestone streets in the direction he had indicated with his bony fingers.


  • Saoirse asked an old man where to find the arena.
  • She headed off in the direction he indicated.
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Searching Around Town

Vince stepped off the boat and took a deep breath, "god it smells horrible around here." Vince clapped his hands together and 2 clones appeared from him "alright boys lets see what we can find out about this town." He pointed at M Clone Number 1 "you're gonna go check the bounty board just to see if there is anything interesting there." He pointed at M Clone Number 2"you're gonna hit the taverns keep your ears open and keep a low profile, as i understand it there is a vast criminal organization here. I'm not necessarily interested in joining but what the hell you can never have too much information. I'm not expecting too much but a name would be a great start" He paused "and lets keep the wings under wraps boys, no need to draw in unnecessary attention to ourselves yeah? let's meet up at the heroes guild"

M Prime or Vince made his way to the Heroes Guild it was the types of jobs he was most interested in and the meeting spot he set for his clones. He wanted to check out what jobs were available and the best information could always be found with those who travel.


  1. Vince created 2 clones
  2. M Clone Number 1 is checking the bounty board (mostly to check and make sure M Prime isn't on it)
  3. M Clone Number 2 is checking around taverns and other seedy places trying to learn about the Criminal Organization and anything else he can pick up
  4. M Prime is heading towards the Heroes Guild to see what jobs are available
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Same Old Town, All New Queen


And so the quest for vengeance begins, as Měinǚ enters the land she once called home, and, much to her surprise, it looked like it hadn't changed a day since all those years ago, as she roamed the town, she simply observed for a bit, reminiscing on past times, and looking towards the direction of her previous home.

'Same streets, crowds, buildings..Christ even the smell is the same. Yep, Tarrin hasn't changed a bit, well that makes travel easier if nothing else, but still reeks of the same criminal crap fiesta.'

Fortunately for Měinǚ, thanks to her powers she inherited and what she learnt in the time she was still in the royal combat lessons, she didn't have to worry about any kind of press reporting her, given how they'd barely notice her presence.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4
Noragami Chapter 4, Scans in reverse order

OOC: Ok, whilst I call it invisibility in mu build setup, admittedly that's not really how it works. Yato explains it best in these scans, but to summarise what his powers entail, they basically make him incredibly hard to notice, to the point of invisibility, but with the added benefit of whoever does see Yato quickly forgetting about him, like, as Yato puts it, "Not like you remember every person you've met on the street". This should show that no one should Měinǚ be able to stay hidden so long as she wills it, and even if someone do see her, they'll soon forget anyways.

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 110
Hunter x Hunter Chapter 110

On top of that, Killua's ability to walk quietly enough to the point where Melody could barely notice removes any issue of sound from the equation.

*End of OOC*

After a bit of wandering, Měinǚ's eyes quickly gazed towards the wanted poster on the walls, adorned with her name, not surprising given her royalty status, and it wouldn't be uncharacteristic for Don Sonata to try and rat her out and let the lower class do his busy work, but something about it struck Měinǚ as quite odd.

"Why the crap would that parasite of a living being want me back alive' she quickly glanced at another poster, one of a multiple-armed psycho looking chick, who, if memory served, was on the boat Měinǚ was on, but since she obviously wasn't royalty, it didn't give Měinǚ any reason to truly care 'they clearly haven't been generous when it comes to criminals, letting that multi-armed chick be caught dead, so what the hell?!', the young lady growing more and more angry, clenching her face as to not make a scene with her screaming 'Is this some sick f***ing game to you old man, you trying to let me in your damn palace just to place me back into your hands like some fiddle! Oh, hell is WAY too good for you now!'

Now the question becomes, what does Měinǚ do next? Storming the castle head-on would be a stupid idea, obviously, and a traitor/kid with a bounty on her head can't her can't just waltz into either the royal guard, nor anything legal in the first place. As much as it annoyed Měinǚ for being forced to rely on this tactic, without some cash, she'll get nowhere, so after a bit of internal thinking, Měinǚ made her way to the shadiest part of town and find some ties with a family that have been rivals with the Sonata's, not only would it work as a temporary money maker, but it would also give her insight as to what her ex-family has been doing in the past 6 years.

In a situation like this, gotta fight fire with fire.

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@emperorthanos-: Gan had been on worse boat rides before, but despite that, the queasy feeling in his stomach told him that they were something he'd never get used to. Sitting down on a nearby wall, Gan looked around the town he now found himself in. The buildings were falling apart, partially collapsed with very few of them not being in an active state of disrepair. Most of the people walking past left a stench that made Gan wonder about how often people here bathed. As for the streets themselves, they didn't fare much better. Dusty, damp, and full of holes. It seems as if the people had realised at least this much, though, as most of the travel around the port seemed to take place on small rowboats instead of walking, leaving the streets relatively quiet. A solution to overpopulation in the area, or a way for the people to avoid being within the confines of the town as much as they could? In any case, the people's long-standing presence in the water had dyed the inlet a worrying black. Gan was certainly a long way from the lush forests, unique architecture, and wonderful scenery of his long-term temporary home.

After his stomach had stopped complaining to him about the ride over it started complaining about something else. Certainly, it had been quite a while since Gan had last eaten. Gan patted his pockets down to come up with all the cash on him but barely managed to scrape together enough for a single meal. "I'm gonna need to make some more soon," he said to himself. Having been separated from the concept of currency for most of his adult life, Gan had missed many developments and fluctuations of price. Due to this his sense of money and what costs are reasonable had wained drastically. He was pretty sure he had already been scammed several times on his travels thus far, but there wasn't much he could do about it at this point. Endeavouring to find at least something edible, he stood up and made his way deeper into the city.

I'm sure I've been scammed again. Those were the words that floated through Gan's mind as he tried to bite into the hard loaf of bread he had purchased with his remaining money. Gan wasn't sure what it was made of, but it sure didn't taste like bread. Standing outside a building that looked like it would enable him to continue his journey while paying him for the effort, Gan quietly opened the doors to one of the few buildings in the town that looked to be in perfect condition: The Heroes Guild.


Going to heroes guild :)

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@emperorthanos-: Is there a map of the land or nearby areas you can give us? I'd prefer to head out of the city into somewhere more rural if possible.


Actions: Roam the city. Looking for potential prey; women, preferably by themselves. Specifics don't matter. Easier targets would probably be prostitutes. Also on the lookout for abandoned houses or buildings.

After finding a target(s) and suitable location, bind them with hainawa(while out of public sight of course), bring them to said location and start breeding.

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@sazzmi said:


How else do you spawn a goblin horde? O:

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@emperorthanos-: Hmmm. Suppose I can't get any information on these locations outside of using actions, correct? I'll keep my previous action until otherwise stated.

Also, exactly how many things can we do per "turn"?

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@sazzmi said:


How else do you spawn a goblin horde? O:


I mean, it is a dark fantasy after all. But still.

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@gaoron: Not like I plan on going into detail with it or anything. But this IS how goblin hordes are made... goblins don't just appear out of thin air .-.

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@emperorthanos-: Hmmm. Suppose I can't get any information on these locations outside of using actions, correct? I'll keep my previous action until otherwise stated.

Also, exactly how many things can we do per "turn"?

Yeah you wouldn't know that stuff. One thing at a time I'd say

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@menos_kegare said:

@emperorthanos-: Does a turn equal a day in-game?

No. I'll close the day myself at some point. Usually to let people catch up.

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Action Results


You find yourself in an abandoned home with blood everywhere. Seems like someone was killed here and the killer did a poor job of cleaning it up. Thankfully it means no one is going to come around here. Leaving you all alone with your captive.


As you enter the building you head straight to one of the receptionists. Who asks" Welcome sir how may I help you today? Looking to post a quest perhaps?"


When you arrive at Tarrin's shadiest area, you find a strange symbol drawn on most of the walls.

No Caption Provided

Soon you notice a several pairs of eyes on you. All ready to pounce at a moments notice. An old man then appear, "Hello there. Come for the Assassins Job have you? I can tell you are one based on the way you move. You are certainly more skilled than these idiots. Come on I will take you to the boss"


Clone 1:

On the bounty board the 1st clone sees the following

New Bounties this week

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5

Check Guard Office to find all Current Bounties

Clone 2:

As he sits down at table near the Tavern the clone hears a particularly interesting conversation.

"The mini fight going between the Steel Dragons and the new foreign assassin group is getting messy. Bodies are piling up all across the Kingdom and civilians are getting caught up in it. They seem to be more focused on killing each other rather than taking on contracts"

"Yeah its gotten so bad, Sepitus has begun getting his own mafia people to do carry out his hits. Hear he is on the look out for some professional killers considering his current men are messy idiots"

"Yeah looks like everyone is hiring their own professional killers now, good for us I suppose, don't have to compete with the steel dragons for jobs anymore"


Once you enter the guild building, you head straight to front desk. The receptionist kindly asks " Welcome sir how may I help you today?"


You can hear the loud shouts and screams of the spectators as she nears the Arena. It is in full flight today which means more money available. There are two booths in front of the Arena, one for spectators and one for participants.

Which one will you go to?


You head toward the front desk but before you reach there someone shouts " You there, stop right now". You look to your left and see a large man with strange eyes approaching. "This is the monster hunters guild creature, do you really think we wouldn't tell that you are being created of Dark Magic. Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you right now?".

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@emperorthanos-: As she hears the sound of combat Saoirse's heart begins to race. She skips excitedly toward the participant booth.

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@emperorthanos-: Gan flashed a smile at the receptionist as he approached the desk. "Oh no no, I'm not here to post a quest. I'd like to join this 'Hero Guild.' he happily declared.

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The ship finally reached Tarrin. As I was scanning the place, I thought to myself "This place looks horrible... Uhh, something tells me I'm going to regret coming to this place, I hate this place already. Maybe my family is right, maybe I am not ready for this, but it's already too late for that." I jumped off the boat. As I landed, I said to myself "Finally, the stupid anti-apparition spell is broken." I suppose I could now just apparate around the town, but the place was filled with dangerous people and creatures. I needed to draw attention as small as possible, and a black smoke flying around the town wasn't exactly the most subtle thing ever.

I walked around the town, trying to find the cursed building. Of course I had no idea where I was going, purely going with my instinct. After about an hour of walking around aimlessly, I started to think that I would never find this building. Suddenly, I stumbled upon building called "Monster Hunters".

Me (to myself): "Hmmmm, this is interesting... Maybe a warm up before going for the big bad wolf?"

I suppose, this organization could help me find some information about that monster from my nightmares, and prepare to fight it. Maybe if I was lucky, there would be a bounty on that monster's head, killing 2 birds with 1 rock. Seemed like a good idea all around. I decided to join the Monster Hunters Guild.


  1. I stumbled upon Monster Hunters Guild
  2. I decided it was a good idea to join it.
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Soon you notice a several pairs of eyes on you. All ready to pounce at a moments notice. An old man then appear, "Hello there. Come for the Assassins Job have you? I can tell you are one based on the way you move. You are certainly more skilled than these idiots. Come on I will take you to the boss"

When you arrive at Tarrin's shadiest area, you find a strange symbol drawn on most of the walls.

'The crap are those symbols, don't remember them? Must be a new face in town.' Měinǚ rattled on internally. This was a good and bad thing, good because Měinǚ wouldn't have to worry about someone higher up having excess baggage from her existence, bad is that she has no idea what they're like, and thus they have the element of surprise.

Soon you notice a several pairs of eyes on you. All ready to pounce at a moments notice. An old man then appear, "Hello there. Come for the Assassins Job have you? I can tell you are one based on the way you move. You are certainly more skilled than these idiots. Come on I will take you to the boss"

Měinǚ is startled by this old man speaking to her, 'How the s*** can this guy notice me? And for that matter, everyone else can too, what the hell?!' she looks around and sees eyes facing her, the cover she wanted from her powers has been promptly blown, but best not to start a scene. 'Well, might as well use this whilst I can, saves time at least, I can easily rip this fossil a new one should he think of double crossing me.' Měinǚ then turns to the old man, clenching her sword in her hand should he try anything funny.

"Fine then, you lead, I follow, just don't even bother trying anything you'll regret."

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Abime still facing the desk replies "Creature?" -looks into man's strange eyes- "You're one to talk. I guess all the pretty faces went to hero guild, eh? Name's Abime. Dark magic you're feeling, thanks to it I'm still ali.." -Abime stopped - "I'm able to stand and talk to you thanks to it. It's not gonna cause any harm to you, this guild or any of the town folks" Abime turns left facing the mysterious man and pulls out his giant sword pushing it between wooden planks hard enough for it stand on its own. After couple seconds of silence Abime continues slightly irritated with the whole situation: "With this sword I slayed a number of bloodthirsty beasts way scarier than you or me. I intend to do the same here. You either gonna let me or try whenever this sword can cut your mutant skin"

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@emperorthanos-: I had not gotten this one, thanks for the new tag! Will post later today!

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" So you want to fight, well you came to the right place, after I'm done with you no mag-" "Enough!" The man is interrupted by another behind him. This one too has the same strange eyes. " Dark Magic or not this man is clearly not a threat, I sense no malicious intent. Now leave us" The new warrior clearly has some sort of seniority over the first one as the rude man leaves the two of you alone.

"Abime you said your name was. I must apologize for that, things are bit tense around here and the dark magic that surrounds you is similar to one we have been facing recently. Now usually to enter the monster guilds you have to pass certain trials and undergo our rituals, it's how we all got these eyes. But I suspect that you may not be interested in all that and given the dark magic around our rituals may not even work. So I will offer you an alternative. A sparring match with me. Impress me well enough and you can join the guild. What do you say?"

No Caption Provided


"Heh don't worry I don't plan on doing anything" You follow the man into what seems to be an abandoned ship that has been turned into a makeshift tavern.

No Caption Provided

He leads you upstairs and you see a group a people. There is a women sitting on what seems like a throne and she is quite clearly in charge of this rag tag group.

No Caption Provided

As you approach, the old man speaks " Lady Kaari, I have brought a visitor. She seems to be an assassin based on the way she moves, could be useful my lady."

"Oh Pelton you old fool. This is no assassin, this is runaway princess. Though I suppose that could still be of some use." She says mockingly and the rest laugh, save for one beast man in the corner. " Hello Ms. Sonata, this is certainly unexpected. Your father is certainly willing to pay quite a bit to get you back. But I never liked then man and I have a feeling you might be more interesting. So how can I help you today?"


As you enter the build building you see one of the people who were on the boat with you. You ignore him and go straight to the front Desk.

The receptions stares at you for a minute as if he was waiting for you to say something. then asks " Well what do you want? If you go a monster that needs hunting just tell me what it is and I will tell you how much it costs."


"Ah I see, well the heroes guild is always looking for new recruits." The receptionist hands you a sheet of paper " Just fill out this form for us quickly and you will be all set" She also hands you a badge with an emblem and the number "IV. "That number stands for your current rank. As you do missions your rank increases. The quest board is right over there to your right."

You look to your right to see several people looking at a board. "Quests are also ranked, based on difficulty and how much they pay. It is recommended that You can do quests of any difficulty but it is advised that you join a party for higher ranked quests. Good Luck and Stay Safe!"

No Caption Provided


"So a small little thing like wants to fight in arena huh. Well I'm not one to judge" He hands you a token with the number 77 on it. "Follow Geld here. He will take you were you need to go and explain how it works around here".

You follow Geld as he takes in you into a beautiful hall

No Caption Provided

"Beautiful isn't it. The Arena is Tarrin's pride and joy. Its probably the only damn thing in this city that is actually cleaned. This is the general hall where most of the warriors are. Right now all you are is a number. When that number gets called you can go out into the arena fight. Till then you sit where every and prepare. You can talk to some of the others too but you might just end up having to fight them later so don't get too friendly."

Geld begins to leave but before he does he says " And one more thing, don't go upstairs, thats only limited to the proven and established warriors. Do well enough out there tonight though and you might just be one them."
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A Rough Voyage

It had not been the best of days, nor had it been the best week, in fact, objectively speaking, everything sucked. Not only had Viola lost her crew, lost her ship, and lost her home, but she spent days drifting through the seas with nothing to eat, nothing to drink, and then, to top it all off, found herself on a boat to Tarrin.

She hated Tarrin.

Viola: I hate Tarrin.

Tarrin was corrupt. Tarrin was dirty. Tarrin was where that schmuck, Draugus said he owned property.

Violia: I hated Draugus.

She hated Draugus, but Draugus was dead. She killed Draugus, so she doesn't hate Draugus anymore, but she certainly hated him while he was alive.

She hated Draugus and she hated this journey. On a boat, headed to Tarrin, with a bunch of nobodies she'd never seen before. She spent her time on this boat avoiding everyone, drying herself off, and grabbing a quick bite to eat and a drink to wash it all down.

She felt rejuvenated.

Viola: At least I feel rejuvenated.

And eventually the boat landed at the port. Like the others she quickly left the ship, and found herself in a dark alleyway where bounties plastered the walls. As usual, curiosity got the better of her and she wondered if her lovely face would be among those on the wall, and so she took a closer look. If she could find herself then she'd tear it from the wall, she very much loved collecting bounties of herself, comparing the likeness between bounty fliers was one of her favorite things.

She did indeed find herself, and she did indeed tear it from the wall, looking at the other bounties while she did so.

Viola: Not bad, looks enough like me. Not the best I've seen, but, hey, we're in Tarrin, and nothing ever truly good could come from Tarrin.

Having torn down her bounty she moved forth, seeing some signs for various guilds. She didn't want to join a guild right now, and besides, the guilds were for hunting monsters and being a hero, she enjoyed monster hunting very little and being a "hero" even less.

The one thing that did catch her eye however was mention of an arena. She knew Tarrin had an arena, she knew friends who had fought there. One of her best crew members was once a champion there before he was torn apart at sea, but he was a good friend when he was living.

She figured she might as well check it out. She had little to no coin and wanted to quickly obtain some wealth so she could get back at sea to retrieve her ship.

And so she went.

Viola: And so I shall go....

To where?

Viola: ...to the arena!

To the arena.


  • She hates Tarrin.
  • She tears down her bounty; she collects these pictures of herself.
  • She looks at the bounties of others; takes note of their faces.
  • She heads to the arena.
  • She still hates Tarrin.


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The Heroes Guild + other adventures

Vince prime talked to the receptionist "hello there i'm interested in joining the heroes guild for work, what are the steps that i need to go through?" Jim asked while wondering what his other clone's were up to.

Meanwhile M Clone #1 pulled all the Měinǚ Eterno posters he found "i seriously doubt a sweet looking girl like that is actually capable of treason" he crumpled up all the posters but 1 and folded it into one of his pockets. "Still worth keeping an eye out, im not one for human hunting but a picture can help" and with that he made his way back to the heroes guild to meet up with M Prime

M Clone #2 listened intently to the conversation... after hearing the name Steel Dragons he made his presence known to the people having the conversation. "Well hello there" he said in Obi-Wan like fashion "I heard you mention the Steel Dragons... tell me more of what you know. or tell me where i can go to find out more." he grinned


  1. M Prime is joining the Heroes Guild
  2. M Clone 1 tore down all the posters of Měinǚ Eterno and kept 1 just in case then made his way to the Heroes guild
  3. M Clone 2 is living life dangerously and attempting to learn more about the steel dragons
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Saoirse sat down at an empty table to think. The wood was well-maintained and polished, though she could tell it had seen many meals. The number she drew was a good omen; seven had always been her lucky number. She pondered what kind of warriors Tarrin would have to offer, slowly scanning the room for anyone of particular interest. Reconnaissance was always one of her primary tasks with the guild and she set her considerable senses (1,2,3) to the task of observing her potential opponents, the way they moved, the way they interacted with others, were they nervous or calm? Suddenly she felt the urge for a drink, abruptly drawing to her feet and seeking out a good pint of ale. Always fight better with a little swig, she thought.


  • She observed her potential competition
  • She decided she needed a drink while she waits and plots out her strategy.
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"Sparring, eh? Didn't had one in a long time. Sounds good. But we're not gonna fight here, right?" *looks at the reception recognizing one of the people he was in a boat with* "We wouldn't want to scare that cute girl at the desk, do we? Lead me to some less crowdy place and we can start"

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"Heh don't worry I don't plan on doing anything" You follow the man into what seems to be an abandoned ship that has been turned into a makeshift tavern.

'Certainly looks the part doesn't it?' Měinǚ thought, as she took in the disgusting, alcoholic smells and rotten smell of those unfortunate to be stuck in this situation through the corrupt nature of society. Most people would call Měinǚ a mad woman for even thinking about coming here, even if criminals weren't around.

He leads you upstairs and you see a group a people. There is a women sitting on what seems like a throne and she is quite clearly in charge of this rag tag group. As you approach, the old man speaks " Lady Kaari, I have brought a visitor. She seems to be an assassin based on the way she moves, could be useful my lady." "Oh Pelton you old fool. This is no assassin, this is runaway princess. Though I suppose that could still be of some use." She says mockingly and the rest laugh, save for one beast man in the corner. " Hello Ms. Sonata, this is certainly unexpected. Your father is certainly willing to pay quite a bit to get you back. But I never liked then man and I have a feeling you might be more interesting. So how can I help you today?"

'Gods aren't you a stuck up little twat aren't you, missy? What I would do to kick your goddamn teeth in, but lucky for you, I've got more long-term important things to do with you.' Měinǚ Ignores what this Kaari said, as well as the crowd's laughter, and spoke up.

"Let's keep things brief. I need the cash, you want every piece of info you can get on my father, and we both desire those pig's heads on a silver platter, do we not? I will join your team and work for you, but understand some conditions:

  1. You'll pay me my fair share
  2. I work alone, so no group missions for me unless absolutely necessary
  3. My name isn't Tiki Sonata, that name died 6 years ago, refer to me as Měinǚ Eterno from now on
  4. I will be the one who kills my father, but their wealth, treasures of whatever else are yours to keep, so long as I get to deal with that asshole personally
  5. Lastly, the moment I kill my father, I'm gone without a trace, rest assured I won't spill anything regarding any of your future endeavours.

Those are my terms, neither of us have anything to lose from this, and I'll spill everything I know about my ex-family, so agree to this, and we can work together just fine, you in or not?" Měinǚ says all of this with the authority and power a princess would have, silencing all within the vicinity, every mention of her father causing her to spit metaphorical venom at the mere thought of his ugly hide. Měinǚ was aware she wasn't in a position to demand, but not only was she way to valuable of a jewel for this group to pass up on, sucking up to this woman was hardly on her to-do-list.

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As you approach the board, someone taps you on the shoulder "Hello there sir, I see you are rank IV like us. Would you be interested in joining us in a Rank IV quest. The money won't be all that much but it's better than any quest you can go out on your own."

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

@gaoron: :

"Alright follow me" The man takes you outside and draws his mace "Well then Abime, show me what you can do"

Just give me a basic opener for your character.


" You have quite the mouth on you don't you princess. You aren't particularly in the position to make demands seeing as you we can just take you to your father ourselves." Kaari says continuing to speak in a mocking tone.

"You are right we do want your father dead, but first we need some information. You see your father knows where Dogen Zaka is and we need that information. I'm sure you know who he is considering he paid for most of your luxurious life back then. Of course now he is small time crime lord that is a thorn in the Mafia's side, but a pretty annoying thorn that needs to be dealt with. We help you take your father out and in return you help us with this. Once that is done we will won't bother you any further and even help you disappear if need be. But only after we have Dogen's head. So do we have a deal?"



"Welcome to the heroes guild, just fill out this form and you are all set." The receptionist says whilst handing you a piece of paper. As you fill you it out she allows hands you a badge with an emblem and the number "IV. "You start at rank 4, as you do more and more missions you can go up a rank. The quest board it to your right. Quests too are ranked, it is recommended that quests of a higher rank are done in groups"

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Clone 1:

Man 1 "You must be new in town, the Steel Dragons are the biggest and most dangerous mercenary group in the country. If you needed protection or someone dead, they were whom you'd go to. They are the best there is, put the Sonata's damn near out of business"

Man 2 "They were the best the business. About a year a foreign group called the Shurasetsu showed up. They were just as good but offered a cheaper price. As expected the Steel Dragon didn't take to kindly to this and now the two of them are at war. "

Man 1 "If you want to know where to find the Dragons just go to the Arena. They tend to hire anyone who comes out of there alive. While Shura-whatever usually hang near the docks and hire basically anyone willing."

Man 2 " They may be run by foreigner but atleast you don't have go through the Arena to get some coin."

@thetruebarryallen: @lunacyde

Gonna speed things up a little for TTBA since you didn't get the initial tag.

This is for both of you.

As you head to the Arena you see two booths, one for spectators and one for Participants. Obviously you choose the latter as you need to make some coin. The man at the booth hands you a token with the number 90 on it and tells you to follow a small man. "Thats your number, when they call it out it your turn to fight" says the small man has he leads you into a hall.

No Caption Provided

"It's Beau-" "All participants from numbers 60 to 90 it is get ready." The man instructs you to follow him. He leads you to a room filled with the weapons " Hand all you weapons to Luther at the door, for this round you can only use what is provided here. Don't worry you will get them back should you make it out alive."

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

"Rules are simple, 30 of you go into the arena. Only 10 leave. Oh and no magic. Win by whatever means necessary"

You are taken on a boat to the main ring. You hear loud music all around you as well as the cheers of the audience. It's a full house.

No Caption Provided


The average gladiator you will face has MCU Daredevil physicals and is equipped with a sword and shield. Your job is to prove your character can take on two gladiators simultaneously and win. Which simply means killing them or knocking them out the ring. You can also attack on another if you choose but that will result in a cav style thread/debate.

Here's a respect thread to give you an idea of their strength, speed and durability. You can ignore everything else

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If anyone has something to say, say it here. Buncha cowards.

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Viola; Pirate Queen, Arena Newcomer

Before Viola entered the arena she covered the majority of her face with a piece of cloth she had taken from the ship; sure, she enjoyed attention and recognition... but that was when she was on the seven seas, not in the midst of a corrupt city where she's a wanted woman.

Once she was properly disguised she made her way inside, marched to the sign up station, and was given a token with a number on it. Not long afterwards her number was called and she joined 29 others as they ventured into a large room, filled to the brim with weapons.

There a large man named Luther was collecting any special weapons or armor from the soon to be combatants.

Luther: Nobody 'ere gets a special edge. You use what we provide. I promise I'll look after yer' goods 'ere though.

Viola looked through the racks and grabbed a pair of small daggers, a quiver full of arrows, and a bow. When she was fully armed she pushed past the crowd and boarded a small boat, ready to arrive in the arena center.

Before the boat departed she heard Luther shout the rules for engagement.

Luther: Rules are simple, 30 of you go into the arena. Only 10 leave. Oh and no magic. Win by whatever means necessary.

Any means necessary?

Viola: Any means necessary?

Luther: That's what I said, you got 'earin pro'llems?

She most certainly did not, but this news excited her. Just like on the seas she thought.

Viola: Just like on the seas!

Oops, she didn't mean to say that.

Viola: I did NOT mean to say that.

She just got excited sometimes.

Viola: Wait a minute is there someone talking right now?

Oh goodness, did she become aware?

Viola: I certainly did! Now, look. I don't know who you are but--

A horn blared, the crowed cheered, and Viola forgot she was talking to the narrator, for it was time to fight!

Viola: It's time to fight!

And fight she did.

The Fight(s) Explained

This will all be OOC because I don't want to write fight explanations in character, so, why does Viola kick two gladiator asses without any issue? Let's look and see.

Physicals (MCU DD v. Composite Batman)

Daredevil and Batman are similar enough in their physicals that neither me nor my foes largely outclass the other in this department; especially since it's MCU DD.

Batman's physicals should give me the raw strength/durability edge, DD might be more agile but if he is it's not enough to change the outcome of this encounter.

Skill (MCU DD v. Bullseye)

This is where MCU DD is going to get stomped as the gladiators don't have Daredevil's radar sense. That's a big deal because his Radar Sense aids his reflexes/reactions and without that he's got an issue against me. Even if he did have the radar sense it's something that Bullseye has overcome -- a few showings below:

That's with his radar sense, without it he's as good as dead. I've got six arms, loads of projectiles (since I took the arrows/bow/daggers) and only have to down two of my targets.

Should it turn into a H2H battle (it shouldn't, but in case it does) I can go toe to toe with comic Daredevil, who, I believe, is more accomplished than MCU DD.

As shown in the airplane scan Bullseye also knows various nerve bundles to KO my targets should I not want to kill them. I think I'd go for the KO as opposed to the kill. My character may be a pirate queen but she isn't bloodthirsty, so I'll be tossing my projectiles just to down them.

Power (Spider Sense EDGE)

My character has Peter Parker's Spider-Sense which just gives me an edge. Neither of the gladiators (or any of the other fighters) should be able to get a drop on me without me being able to dodge and counter.

I don't think I need to post scans since the battle should be won by now. These gladiators are fodder-tier, I match them (possibly out-match them) in physicals and have superior skill, especially at a distance.

Give me four extra arms (thanks, Spiral) and a spider-sense and it's game over for them.


I should easily win this encounter, but we'll see what @emperorthanos- thinks.

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@emperorthanos-: Gan nod to himself and smiles as he lightly flicks up his hat to see the faces of the group who approached him. "Being in a group? I hadn't considered it, but it's not a bad idea. If you think someone like me could prove useful to you, I'll happily tag along."

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As I entered the build building I saw one of the people who were on the boat with me. I ignored him and went straight to the front Desk.

As I was walking, I thought to myself "Hmmmm, I'm thinking of hunting some average/mediocre monsters first. I wanna have a little warm up, before going for the big bad one. Probably a good idea to see what this place has to offer as well."

Suddenly the guy in the front desk broke my thought process and said:

" Well what do you want? If you go a monster that needs hunting just tell me what it is and I will tell you how much it costs."

I was a little bit surprised, I turned to him... "Uhh, uhh... I want to hunt some mediocre monsters as a warm up, a-and some quick cash. Any recommendation?" I said to him nervously.

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Intro to Oblivion


Begrudgingly Saoirse extended her walking stick before her, thrusting it in Luther's face with a sour look. "Here, take it". She glared, "It better be in perfect condition when I come back...or it's your head." She dragged a slender finger across her throat, her eyes like those of a mountain lion, cutting him to the bone. She gripped a spear from the rack, spinning it with ease, then letting it balance in her open hand. "It's not ideal, but this will do."


The open dirt pit was surrounded by crystal blue water on all sides. Saoirse eyed up her opponents, simply take down two, shouldn't be too difficult. The dirt was heavily trodden with the footsteps of the thirty fighters. The atmosphere pulsed with energy and the smell of sweat slicked leather and steel filled the air. The crowd murmured, then roared as the fighters began to move.

Why I can beat two opponents

This should not be too difficult of a task, even without my cursed spear. Snake-Eyes is a superior version of MCU Daredevil in almost every way. He's fast enough to blitz multiple soldiers before they can react, and strong enough to punch through solid stone statues. He has impressive combat agility. His reflexes are good enough to deflect bullets, and he's quick enough to hunt rabbits with his bare hands.

Skillwise, its no contest. These fighters have no feats with sword and shield. Cu Chulainn is a legendary spearman of great renown, indeed one of the greatest in existence. Archer states that there aren't even three spearmen with Cu's skill in the history of the world. He has single-handedly defeated entire armies of trained warriors and slain hordes of monsters. As a child, he accidentally killed a guard dog said to have the strength of ten men. In the 5th Holy Grail War, he was able to hold his own against every servant, despite being handicapped by his master. This included the two powerful servants Saber and Archer, legendary warriors in their own right. Bear in mind he was ordered by command seal at this point to hold back, and Saber was concealing her weapon. I should eat these guys for breakfast.

Fate/complete material III: World Material - The Servants of the Fifth Holy Grail War: Lancer, p.022-023

Lastly, these guys don't have a prayer of keeping me down. I can take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. Snake-Eyes' and Cu Chulainn's combined damage soak and pain tolerance are astronomical. Cu was so famous for his endurance and ability to continue the fight that it manifested as one of his skills as a heroic spirit. He literally continued to fight after being stabbed through the heart with a demonic spear, and his legends tell of him fighting on when holes could literally be seen through his body. Meanwhile, Snake-Eyes is a glutton for punishment himself. A normal medical report for him includes broken bones, contusions, burns, etc. During one issue he was caught in an explosion and taken to a hospital. The hospital was then attacked and the ward where he was being held was blown up, causing severe 3rd degree chemical burns and leaving him the only survivor. After that, he is supposed to be recovering, and the doctor had said if he didn't rest he would be permanently disfigured. However, his team was in danger, so he went to save his teammates instead of following the doctor's orders, they were amazed he could even get out of bed. Not long after getting out of bed he jumps out of a plane 100+feet off the ground, going 120+ MPH without a parachute, hits the hard desert ground and then gets up to raid the bad guy base. But it doesn't stop there. While storming the base to help his friends he has his face lit on fire again, tackles the bad guy down an elevator shaft, and climbs back out alive. Talk about die hard, not that it matters because I shouldn't get touched with my combination of speed, skill, and experience.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7Gallery image 8Gallery image 9Gallery image 10

In conclusion, I have every physical advantage, belong in a different league when it comes to skill, and frankly, it takes an insane amount of damage to put me down. I should wet the dirt with the blood of these gladiators within 10 moves, though I won't be killing them unless they force me to.

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Strength (please note that all the feats (bar last one) were done with a standard sword not Dragonslayer)

Parries and knocks back a flail which smashed through a tree and a rock. Then proceeds to smash that flail to pieces. (right to left)

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Then cuts through that guy shield and an armor which was 3 times thicker than ordinary plate and wouldn't be dent by a rockslide.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Block strikes from superhuman beasts that slice through stone columns

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Punches hole in the wall

No Caption Provided

Doesn't need to two hand the sword, one hand is more than enough to slice an armored soldier with his horse. Can even swing his sword by holding it in his mouth if necessary

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2


Reacts to multiple near point blank range arrows blocking all of them with a sword

No Caption Provided

Slices monsters so fast he appears as a tornado (1st from right), his sword swings are so fast they leave after images and are faster than eye can see (2nd and 3rd from right)

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Reacts and blocks a supersonic monster

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Reacts again but this time at point blank range catching it with his... face (right to left)

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3


Tanks getting thrown into a stone column by superhuman monster (1st from right), Tanks getting hit by a tree trunk from a superhuman monster (2nd)

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Tanks 1000 (could be a hyperbole but it was many) punches from superhuman monster. Just one crashed part of a stone bridge.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Tanks/near no sells a supersonic monster charging at him, just a sonic boom/shockwave crushes and rips small trees of the ground.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Extreme pain tolerance and stamina. Not caring much about standing on fire (1st from left), killed 100 men by himself (2nd), two or three broken bones and keeps on fighting like nothing happened (3rd)

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

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Sorry for double post but some of the gifs here are beefy and I didn't wanted to mix them with regular scans. Hope it's not a problem. @emperorthanos-


Knife (or kunai) combat

Able to block and parry giant scythe with a small kunai

No Caption Provided

Posting gifs would be pointless here, whole fight shows great h2h skill, knife/kunai skill and agility. Note Obito had a physical stat advantage against Kakashi.

Kakashi vs Obito

And one more for good measure that shows yet again great knife combat skill and agility. Kakashi would mortally wound his opponent multiple times during the fight if not for Gotta's smoke body which was completely invulnerable to piercing.

Kakashi vs Gotta

Hand 2 hand and Intelligence

Dodges a kick and catches shurikens without looking and while reading a comedy book.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Gets called to be better at taijutsu than Lee and smarter than Shikamaru (who has 200 IQ) by Naruto

No Caption Provided


Outskills by finding an opening and bisects one of the 7 ninja swordsmen of the Mist which are composed of the greatest swordsmen in the country and one of the best in entire ninja world.

No Caption Provided


Throws multiple kunais at the same time perfectly blocking multiple already thrown kunais showing great skill and accuracy while in mid-fight too.

No Caption Provided


Sneaks up and assasinates top tier ninja with dozens years of experience without him noticing his presence.

No Caption Provided

Kakashi himself can tell when someone sneaks up on him tho.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

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Guild Missions

M prime wondered on over to the guild missions board and started reading the missions. He was hopefully trying to leave the town, but he'd settle for anything quick that would pay for his next meal

M Clone 1 having arrived at the heroes guild made his way over to M prime and announced his presence. "hey M, i found something interesting just a wanted poster with an insane amount of gold reward" he handed the poster to him. "oh and we aren't on it, which is nice. I don't know why we would be but its nice." After that M Prime quickly reabsorbed him, and then turned his attention back to the jobs board

M Clone 2 "well you've been most helpful gentlemen thank you" and with that he excused himself and made his way over to the heroes guild. knowing where each organization hired from was a great start. He had half a mind to keep going "why should i care what M prime wants" he thought, but still he continued on to the heroes guild


  1. M Clone 1 was reabsorbed to M prime
  2. M Clone 2 is developing a sense of self worth this could be a problem for all clones in the foreseeable future
  3. M Prime is browsing heroes guild jobs
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" You have quite the mouth on you don't you princess. You aren't particularly in the position to make demands seeing as you we can just take you to your father ourselves." Kaari says continuing to speak in a mocking tone.

"You are right we do want your father dead, but first we need some information. You see your father knows where Dogen Zaka is and we need that information. I'm sure you know who he is considering he paid for most of your luxurious life back then. Of course now he is small time crime lord that is a thorn in the Mafia's side, but a pretty annoying thorn that needs to be dealt with. We help you take your father out and in return you help us with this. Once that is done we will won't bother you any further and even help you disappear if need be. But only after we have Dogen's head. So do we have a deal?"

"Fine, we'll deal with Dogen first, but my other terms still apply." Měinǚ said confidently, the mockery that Kaari gave her not phasing her in the slightest. Admittedly, whilst Měinǚ was aware of Dogen's existence, having met him a couple times when she was quite young, she wasn't entirely familiar with him as much as her own blood, but either way, it'd be easy for Měinǚ to squeeze some info out of that parasite, 2 birds with 1 stone, one might say, so no real reason to say no.

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Alright I'm going to end the night for some people to let others catch up in game.


"Well then it looks like we have ourselves a deal. And you are in luck, I'm going to meet my brother tomorrow to discuss some business so you can join me. We leave tomorrow morning, till then you can stay in one of the rooms here. Nothing fancy but free of charge. " Kaari gets up and begins to leave with a man following her. " I'll send someone to get you in the morning, for now enjoy your time here. See you tomorrow. " And just like that she leaves. You are shown to a room by one of the remaining criminals. The room has a table with some water and a blanket and pillow on the ground.

Alright your first night is over.



As you head over the quest board you over hear a conversation between two others, one of whom you had seen on the boat. They were talking about taking on some bandits in the morning. 'Could be interesting' you think to yourself. You then head over to the board to see a variety of quests.

III Rank Quests-

  1. Illegal boats entering Tarrin. Reward: 500 coins per boat captain.
  2. Cat gone missing. Reward: 100 coins.

III Rank Quests-

  1. Bandits responsible of recent robberies spotted. Reward: 1000 coins per Bandit caught.
  2. Rise in Goblins and Trolls near the outskirts of the city. Reward: a 1000 coins per goblin or troll slain.

II Rank Quests-

  1. Steel Dragon members near Arena. Reward: 2500 coins for each member.
  2. Shuraretsu members near Dock. Reward: 2500 coins for each member.
  3. Ederal Mafia members. Reward 2000 coins per member.
  4. Clide the Cleaver prisoner escaped. Reward: 5000 coins
  5. Rise in Giant Attacks near the outskirts of the city. Reward a 3000 coins per giant killed.

I Rank Quests-

  1. Goblin Lord spotted in the forest near Ardelloch. Reward: 20,000 coins.
  2. Giant residing in the small village of Mina. Reward: 18,000 coins.
  3. Woll of the Ederal Mafia is in Tarrin. Reward: 15,000 coins
  4. Kaari Delacroix of the Ederal Mafia is in Tarrin. Reward: 17,000 coins


The two of you begin sparring, while neither of you seem to be trying, the two of you are still pretty evenly matched. The fight goes so fast that most people here nearby are unable to tell what is going on. However Xaakt seems to be able to read every move thrown his way. As if he knows exactly what you are going to do before you even do it. He then stops moving

"Alright I think that's enough. I have seen what you can do. I had heard rumors of a undead Elf slaying monsters but I had never imagined you were real. As I said earlier, there is normally a procedure on how people get inducted into the Monster Hunters guild. However I think our Trials would be too easy for you and well our ritual likely won't work on you due to the nature of your, well existence." "With that said I can probably pull some strings and get you in, but you are going to have to find someone to partner up. Monster Hunters always hunt in pairs for safety. It is one our rules, so if you are fine with working with someone else then you can become a member of the guild and start hunting."

Choosing to stick with the guild will end your night.


"My recommendation would be joining the Heroes Guild if you want something quick. This is the Monster Hunters Guild, before you can join us and hunt monsters you must go through our trials and rituals. It is a long and hard process but if you are willing to do it you will be rewarded at the end and monsters will be pretty easy to deal with. So what do you, would you like to undergo the process of becoming a hunter? "


"Nice we can always use more help, we are going after some bandits held up in one of the abandoned buildings. We are planning on going early morning tomorrow while they are still asleep. If you don't have a place to stay you can room with me in the inn near here. My name is Frervi by the way, this is Hilde and Nafliley. Whats you name?"

If you stick with the group, your first night will be over.



You hear the announcer shout " 30 fighters go in but only 10 can leave. No fight"


Two gladiators charge at you, both believing that you will be an easy target. Bu neither even managed to touch you casually evaded their strikes. Utulizing your superior skill you were easily able to send on of them out the ring and into the water. The second fighter fell in soon after.


A gladiators charge at you head on wildly swinging his sword at you. You managed to dodge the first few blows before drawing an arrow and shotting him right through his knee, immobilizing him. As soon as he falls, another comes from behind and kills him in cold blood. He charges at you next but this one is just as barbaric as the last gladiator and using few well placed strikes you manage to take him down.

After your fights you look around to see that only 10 people are left. "Looks like the first round is over ladies and gentlemen. It's time for the next round."

As the participants in the water are taken out, you see the flood gates open. Soon giant crocodiles swim through the gates with a total of 10.

No Caption Provided

They jump on the ring, one for each participant. "Ederal Crocodiles, painful bite and thick armour on the top. Lets see how our fighters manages with one of these"

No debating this time just an RP description on how your character will defeat the croc.

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Round Two; Crocodile Hunter

Viola finished off two of the gladiators with relative ease, but her victory was short lived, as the next wave began.

Announcer: Looks like the first round is over ladies and gentlemen. It's time for the next round!

Viola: Round two? Exciting!

Exciting it was, and the floodgates opened, releasing 10 Ederal Crocodiles into the water surrounding the arena.

Announcer: Ederal Crocodiles, painful bite and thick armour on the top. Let's see how our fighters manage with one of these!

Viola laughed. She'd fought many sea monsters in her travels, a single Ederal Crocodile was nothing to her. She waits paitiently as one of the Crocodile's charges towards her. For a moment, she considered letting it bite her hand off, as many pirates had hook hands and perhaps she'd like to join their ranks, but then, she decided against it.

Viola: No hook hands for me!

And so she chose to quickly put the croc down. Utilizing a bow she begins firing a flurry of arrows at the croc, attempting to blind it with a well placed shot. She succeeded after three shots and then leaped at the croc, landing atop it's thick hide. Holstering her bow she used her six arms to break the crocs jaw, ending the battle.

No Caption Provided

With a sickening CRACK the Croc's jaw was broken, and so she sat atop her defeated foe, watching the others complete their task, cheering them on and offering words of encouragement.