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Instead of losing the power Dark Cyclops keeps the force and flies off.

Legion feels what has happened and decides to kill Dark Cyclops.

The next day Legion finds him. All of Legions personas are working together, and Dark Cyclops has no remorse for what happened.

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Five feet apart. Winner by KO (unless you can prove Legion is strong enough to kill Cyclops). No holding back, no outside help.

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Batman wins. Because he's able to post in the right forum.

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legion erased the elder gods from existence, i think he can take Dark phoenix especially if all his personalities are working together.

list of Legions powers:

Pyrokinesis - Cyndi - A pyrokinetic who is able to create fire. Sometimes, he uses this power as an illusion such as using it to make things appear that they are burned though they are not. This is possible because of his split personality named Cyndi. A girl who was one of his split personalities.

Telekinesis - Jack Wayne - While in this form, Legion can levitate materials using his mind which have the limit of levitating up to 10 tons. He also uses this to create protective force fields. Jack Wayne, along with several other personalities, was apparently killed by Magik's soulsword in the first arc of the current New Mutants series, the "Return of Legion".

Telepathy- Jemail Karami- While using this personality he can read other people's thought's and see inside their minds.

Reality Manipulation- X- This personality appeared for the first time in "Age Of X", where she took the form of Moira MacTaggert and warped reality to create a world where mutants were hunted to near-extinction by humans. Legion was able to successfully reabsorb her into his psyche, and restore reality to normal. Whether X remains a threat remains to be seen.

Time Manipulation- Time Sink- One of the rogue personas that breaks free of Legion's mind in "Lost Legion". Time Sink can manipulate the flow of time with ease, as seen when he paused time in Frenzy's frame of reference and froze Magneto for 2 minutes. He was also able to torment Gambit by showing him memories of his troubled past. He was defeated by Rogue and reabsorbed by Legion.

Self Duplication- Chain- One of the rogue personas that breaks free of Legion's mind in "Lost Legion". Chain is a living virus who can turn anyone he touches into a copy of himself, and all the duplicated Chains are subservient to the main Chain. If the main Chain is defeated, all the duplicates return to normal. The more copies of Chain there are, the harder it becomes for even skilled telepaths like Professor X to read his mind. He was defeated and reabsorbed by Legion.

Emotion Control- Susan In Sunshine- One of the rogue personas that breaks free of Legion's mind in "Lost Legion". Susan is a little girl who can manipulate ambient emotions in any way she pleases. She can amplify them, reduce them or convert them into energy. She can induce feelings of attraction, hatred and depression in other people. Legion stated that her powers would dissipate if she ever got depressed herself. She was defeated by Frenzy and reabsorbed by Legion.

Pain Induction- The Bleeding Image- One of the rogue personas that breaks free of Legion's mind in "Lost Legion". The Bleeding Image can create pain in others equivalent to what he does to himself. For example, when he stabbed himself in the shoulder, Rogue's shoulder felt like it had been stabbed as well. His power can create pain, but not actual damage. He was the only one of the rogue personas not reabsorbed, as he committed suicide by blowing himself up.

Spontaneous Adaption- Endgame- One of the rogue personas that breaks free of Legion's mind in "Lost Legion". Endgame does not seem to possess a human body, but occupies a colossal suit of armor that adapts to overcome any threat that presents itself. He was defeated by Magneto and reabsorbed by Legion.

Soul Absorption- Styx- One of the rogue personas that breaks free of Legion's mind in "Lost Legion". Styx is quite possibly the deadliest of Legion's many personas. He is a skeletal demon that can absorb a person's soul with a touch and take command of their consciousness, including all their skills and abilities. He was able to take command of Xavier's telepathy after touching him. He was defeated by Xavier and Rogue and reabsorbed by Legion.

Super Strength- Sally- An obese, lonely woman with Hulk-like super strength and the ability to increase her muscle mass.

Transmutation- Johnny Gomorrah- Can turn objects and enemies into salt.

Omniscience- Delphic- A blue skinned young woman who will answer any three questions to supplicants using her powers as a seer.

Power Negation- The Nazi Doctor- A blond, monocled Nazi doctor with a thick German accent, who can disrupt or negate mutant abilities with a touch.

X-Ray Vision- Specs- A nervous young man with large glasses, who can see through solid objects.

Flight- Stutter- A young man with a stutter as well as physical deformities. He is capable of self-propelled flight.

Lycanthropy- The Wolfman- An older man wearing a dhoti and handcuffs, who can transform into a werewolf. He also possesses a healing factor.

Teleportation to people- Compass Rose- As opposed to the standard teleportation to places employed by the likes of Nightcrawler, Rose can teleport to people, no matter how far away they are. Rogue uses this ability to teleport billions of miles into space to find Rachel, after the events of "Lost Legion".

List of Dark Phoenix Cyclops Powers:

Phoenix Force

Phoenix Cyclops
Phoenix Cyclops

While in possession of a fraction of the Phoenix Force as a member of the Phoenix Five, Cyclops gained a myriad of powerful cosmic abilities. He gained complete control over his optic blasts, interstellar flight, vast psionic powers including telepathy and telekinesis, immortality, and manipulation of the destructive cosmic energy of the Phoenix. Cyclops' optic blasts were greatly increased in power, as he was able to effortlessly match Gladiator's heat vision. His immense telekinetic power was sufficient to stop Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, in mid-swing with relative ease. While in possession of half the Phoenix's vast power, Cyclops was capable of simultaneously defeating multiple Avengers with a single optic blast. However, as he gained more power, Cyclops became more vulnerable to the Phoenix's corrupting influence over his thoughts and emotions.

List Of Phoenix Force Powers:

The Phoenix Force is a virtually omnipotent entity and is described as one of the most powerful forces in the universe.

It can wield its energy in a variety of different ways including:

  • Fire it into an immensely powerful concussive force.
  • It can travel in time and space by collapsing its powers from the inside, much like a black hole, and reforms itself in its destination.
  • It can absorb many kinds of energy, from the life-force of an individual to an entire energy of a sun.
  • The Phoenix Force has the power over life and death itself and can use it to resurrect itself or others.
  • Since it is the source of all psionic energy, it has vast telepathic and telekinetic powers and is always searching for a host that is strong enough to bear its power.
  • When the Phoenix Force does enter a host, it amplifies the basic abilities that host innately have, manipulate matter in sub-atomic levels, and can teleport others from various corners of the universe via wormholes.
  • When the Phoenix Force leaves its host, it leaves behind a small fraction of its power within the host.

Should the Phoenix Force be harmed, or possibly killed, it becomes an egg of cosmic power and incubates in the White Hot Room until it hatches out completely healed.

Legion has many powers that can trump PF Cyclops's if used in the right conjunction. Duplication power plus give all of the dupes Spontaneous Adaption plus an additional power. or just reality manip, time, manip, & power negation. and as a more powerful telepath Legioon can just try to draw the PF into himself!

I love cyclops but i think that legion would take the cake

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Legion is super awesome, he beats down his father's killer

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Can this be moved to the Battle Forums?

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if Cyclops cant control the phoenix force in the same capacity as Jean Grey, Legion should have no trouble defeating him.

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Legion should win. And I'm just now noticing but god damn his hair.

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Legion stomps